Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Fed Under Fire

July 10, 2009

Federal Reserve Deputy Kohn: Please Don't Let GAO Audit Us!

Ron Paul: The Federal Reserve is the World's Counterfeiter
The dollar now is worth 4 cents of what it was worth in 1913 when the Fed was established. So that tells you they’re not very good at protecting the value of money. So that’s the obligation. They should protect the value of the money, not to be the counterfeiters. They are the counterfeiters of the world, and they are protected by this secrecy. {more}

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  1. Fascination For Complexity, "Big Words," Needless Abstractions Is Lethal, Suicidal
    (Apollonian, 11 Jul 09)

    This was great video: it captures Grieder, Jew author of "Secrets of the Temple," at about 5:57 into the video, speaking precisely to the pt.: people of the US know there's something about the Fed that "just isn't right"--something stinks--something's "rotten in Denmark." So how is this, regarding the foreboding of the people, which Grieder explicitly admits and notes?

    Well, it's like people are beginning to realize the folly of their fatal fascination with complexity for sake of complexity--of ABSTRACTIONS over simple CONCRETES. It's like when we were little kids and we used "big-words" in place of the more usual, simple words we were used to. We were just fooling ourselves.

    Grieder said, "people can't 'put their finger on it.'" No, they can't--why?--because they still fool themselves, going along with establishment make-believe that Fed COUNTERFEITING is legitimate "banking"--and not just crass, putrid CRIMINALITY and conspiracy, evermore LETHAL and deadly as US Dollar begins to definitively collapse.

    Don't doubt that Dollar collapse then will bring with it food-shortages, starvation, and serious civil unrest. Did u hear about the gang of 50 negroids beating on the white family in Akron, Ohio, yelling "we rule now"?

    And why is US Congress, for example, going along with such gross insanity as the "cap and trade" tax which does absolutely nothing for US or its people?--just sending money to foreigners. Well, it's because US Congress IS BRIBED (and extorted too)--how?--precisely by means of this COUNTERFEITED funding issued forth by Fed scam/racket/mechanism.

    And this counterfeiting is what's behind the "hate-crimes" outrages which is designed to usurp and undermine US Constitution and people's freedom of speech and expression.

    Counterfeiting is behind the "gun-control" outrage to dis-arm the people, rendering them defenseless to on-going tyranny--and the "comprehensive immigration" manipulation to ratify and entrench the foreign invasion of US homeland. Politicians go along w. this subversion, usurpation, and treason BECAUSE THEY'RE PAID to do so--by means of this counterfeiting.

    Thus it really is TRUTH vs. Jew lies and conspiracy, in accord w. Christian Gosp. JOHN, stupid people so willng to FOOL THEMSELVES with "big words," to pretend they're like adults.

    Unfortunately the video doesn't go far enough to explore exactly how the people let themselves get so fooled and befuddled as the video admits and acknowledges.

    And Ron Paul (see and other politicians--do they help?--as much as they could?--NO, THEY DON'T--not as they keep things so "intellectual" (abstract) as Ron Paul does--though he does on occasion use the word, "counterfeiting."

    CONCLUSION: Still, we're right "there," just about--on the very cusp--we only need a few more valiant bloggers getting through to the good people to make this point about CONCRETENESS--concreteness for the good of the people's best info and knowledge. Keep up ur good work, KennySideShow. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian