Thursday, July 30, 2009

Out of Control

Independence, self reliance and control over our own lives is quickly becoming a mirage that we can somewhat see but can't seem to reach. Is the big train wreck what we have to look forward to?

Under the guise of 'health' there is a potential attempt to control us through military force using mandatory vaccinations, nutricide and food 'safety' laws? Disinformation is the rule and even medical journals and the MSM tout false studies to keep us confused such as in the BBC report Organic 'has no health benefits.' Controlling the message makes a few a lot of money.

Hate crimes, thought crimes, domestic 'terrorists' and the multitude of contrived threats are the state's attempt to get us to shut up and get in line.

The wars of and for the liars who started them and those who perpetuate them are pushed to the background. There's no anti-war movement to speak of. Innocent people and the 'volunteer' soldiers continue to die and there's barely a squeak out of anybody except for a few in the blogosphere.

Yeah, people are talking about the economy. It's what effects them the most and is always immediate. Most folks know it's been a scheme of theft for the bankers but talk is all we get. Will congress stop the Federal Reserve and the Wall Street mafia? Not likely. Those with the most money have many options before they will give up their power. You can count on that.

'Question everything' used to be a rallying cry. Now it's question nothing and maybe you will be safe.

As individuals, we can shut up or we can prepare and be willing to step up, just in case the out of control train leaves its tracks

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