Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rabbi/Government "Culture of Corruption"
Edmund Nahum, 56, of Deal, one of many people arrested this morning.

Black market organ trafficking and money laundering involving Talmudic Rabbis and all kinds of government officials and willing accomplices makes for very interesting news. This should be the number 1 news story of the next few days but all the money roads will most likely lead to Israel and well known banks so it will probably be buried fairly quickly. Notice how the illegal organ trafficking part of the story will be downplayed and that, when mentioned, the rabbis are from the Syrian jewish community.

A real life jewish mafia story if there ever was one.

Just the tip of the iceberg. Low level criminals get caught but the higher ups are still free.

Massive New Jersey corruption probe snares officials, rabbis

Posted by The Star-Ledger Continuous News Desk July 23, 2009 4:35PM

Federal authorities arrested 44 people in New Jersey and New York in a broad-ranging corruption and international money laundering investigation that led to charges against two N.J. assemblyman and mayors of Hoboken, Secaucus and Ridgefield. The FBI and IRS investigation also ensnared rabbis from the Syrian Jewish communities in Deal and Brooklyn. {much more on this story Here}

Culture of Corruption - press conference video

This guy didn't last long. Mayor of Hoboken for 23 days before being arrested. That may be a record.
Peter J. Cammarano is sworn in as Hoboken's 37th mayor by United States District Court Judge Katharine S. Hayden, Wednesday, July 1. He is joined by his wife, Marita and daughter, Abigail.

July 23 (Bloomberg) -- Peter Cammarano, Hoboken, New Jersey’s youngest mayor, celebrated his 32nd birthday last night by bartending at the city’s St. Ann’s Festival.

“I would like to thank everyone today for the birthday wishes,” Cammarano, who took office July 1, wrote in a Twitter message early today. “Hope everyone had a great time at the opening night for St. Ann’s feast.”

The birthday cheer didn’t last long. Within hours of that post, Cammarano was taken into custody by the FBI along with about 40 local and state officials and rabbis as part of a public corruption and money-laundering investigation.

In Hoboken, the birthplace of Frank Sinatra and former working-class enclave whose townhouses and tree-lined streets became a haven for young professionals starting in the 1980s, the arrest may remind some residents of the 1954 film about corruption, “On the Waterfront,” which was filmed in the city.{more}

Human Organ Peddlers.....
FBI agent and a cooperating witness allegedly spoke with defendant Issac Rosenbaum about procuring a liver for the undercover agent’s sick uncle.

"Let me explain this to you," Rosenbaum allegedly said in the taped conversation. "It’s illegal to buy. It’s illegal to sell. They are going to investigate him [the donor], not you, not your uncle. He’s going to speak to a social worker and a psychologist to find out why he is doing it … and it is our job to prepare him."

Rosenbaum allegedly set the cost at $160,000 — half of it up front, according to court papers. {more}

It probably seemed exciting to those of you not intimately familiar in the ways of Jews from the Garden State but this thing really didn't elicit much more than a NBD from us this morning. Money-laundering? Rabbis? Shady politicians? Welcome to my childhood. Now, our interest has been piqued, not so much because of the dead bodies but the notion that you could make an entire career out of peddling this shit:

The probe also involves the trafficking of body parts, according to a person familiar with the matter. One of the individuals who was arrested Thursday morning is an alleged organ dealer, this person said. {source}

Corruption in politics isn’t exactly anything new, but human organ traffic? Here in America? Are you fucking kidding me with this? This is the kind of heinous atrocity that happens in seedy slums of the third world, not the seedy slums of New Jersey and the bright shiny operating rooms in expensive hospitals in New York, Los Angeles and Philly, right? Right? WRONG!

This is what happens when capitalism goes unchecked for too long. This is what happens when a society is so corrupt and rotten that it has lost its center and can only spiral into decay and collapse.

I had to find out more to try to quell the nausea. What I’ve found so far follows.

Newsweek magazine published a story earlier this year written by a Medical Anthropologist named Nancy Scheper-Hughes, from UC Berkeley. Not Just Urban Legend

By accident or by design, she believed, surgeons in their unit had been transplanting black-market kidneys from residents of the world's most impoverished slums into the failing bodies of wealthy dialysis patients from Israel, Europe and the United States. According to Scheper-Hughes, the arrangements were being negotiated by an elaborate network of criminals who kept most of the money themselves. For about $150,000 per transplant, these organ brokers would reach across continents to connect buyers and sellers, whom they then guided to "broker-friendly" hospitals here in the United States (places where Scheper-Hughes says surgeons were either complicit in the scheme or willing to turn a blind eye). The brokers themselves often posed as or hired clergy to accompany their clients into the hospital and ensure that the process went smoothly. The organ sellers typically got a few thousand dollars for their troubles, plus the chance to see an American city.

This is a racket that transports living people from third world countries and extracts their organs in hospitals so that they can be transplanted. Where are we living again, some chapter of Brave New World, or Coma? {more}

I have to wonder how many of the organ donors contributed against their will. Remember the Israeli white slave market involving tens of thousands of women and girls?

Ah, perp walk season in New jersey. (AP PHOTO) Ah, perp walk season in New Jersey.


  1. A Palestinian teenager goes missing in the West Bank and three days later, 'Moshe' enters a New York hospital for a kidney transplant.

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