Friday, July 31, 2009

Rickey Medlocke, Sean Hannity and Abe Foxman

Does anyone else long for the days when rock n' rollers at least gave the appearance of being anti-establishment? Rickey Medlocke on Sean Hannity talking about health care? Ronnie Van Zant may be rolling in his grave. I kept hoping that Rickey would jump up and sing Needle and the Spoon and bitch slap Hannity for the lying shill that he is but it didn't happen.

Having seen Mr. Medlocke play live with his band Blackfoot in a small club several years ago and Lynyrd Skynard a few times in their early days, I was disappointed. Hannity wants to try and show that he is 'cool' and have these guys on his show but this can't cover up for his warmongering and hateful propaganda ways for which he is well paid.

As if this wasn't bad enough, I turned off the TV and flipped on the radio just in time for the local ABC news affiliate to give airtime to Abe Foxman spouting something about the domestic extremism threat we are facing. Just another hour in the continuous degenerate agenda of the MSM.


  1. Ya, MSM are whores... bought and paid for. And Medlocke is a POS. He and his buddy Ted Nugent. Isn't he a little old for these guys to be acting like a 1970 Hippie?

    Slightly off topic.. dont know if anyone saw this:

    Daniel Patrick Boyd's "Terrorist group" in North Carolina received substantial aid from the CIA in the past , says investigative journalist Wayne Madsen.

    And Osama Bin Laden worked for the CIA before 911.

    I smell the lurking Patriot Act ...closing down our borders in order to KEEP AMERICANS IN. They are floating the trial baloon now. And soon we will need "papers" to travel anywhere in the U.S.

    By the time America wakes the fuck up.. its going to be too late.

  2. I love Skynard's "Needle and the Spoon," maybe because I could relate to it on a personal level at one time.

    Don't know who Medlocke is, but I lost touch with the boys after the plane crash wiped out part of the band, including their soul, Ronnie Van Zant.

    And heroin and a car wreck took away the blistering guitar of Allen Collins.

    Got to see the original lineup four different times... well, only SAW them three times, one time I was so high on LSD and Seconal I couldn't see, only hear the boys.

    They've sold their souls for something, but not Rock n Roll.

    The fuckers even played at the Republican National Convention in 2004.

    Someone needs to send them a 'trip to the moon.'

    P.S. I sent the ADL an email asking them if they were going to comment on those pistol packing Rabbis who went around harvesting human organs from the unwilling and unsuspecting, but I doubt they reply.

  3. Boyd being involved with the CIA is no surprise. There's always seems to be a set up, a double cross.

    LSD and Seconal? I'm glad I wasn't with you on that occasion.

    I too have been checking the ADL site to see if they have anything to say about their own kind, but the news is...

    "ADL education programs inspired Jennifer Stastny to create a Holocaust literature course that helps inner-city teens become unbiased citizens."

    Unbiased citizens in the inner-city is so much more important than a bunch of 'rogue' rabbis making a lot of money in the illegal organ trade.

  4. Hey! Are you back? Wow. Good deal man.