Monday, July 13, 2009

Tennessee Court Upholds the Law and the 2nd Amendment

For once the Tennessee state legislature voted the will of the people and the courts affirmed it.

This is about much more than just the right to defend and protect one's self and others. It is about confirming the 2nd amendment. Without the 2nd, the 1st amendment is a moot point, as well as the rest of our constitutional rights.

The provocateur injunction filed by a Nashville restaurant owner to keep the 'guns in bars' law from going into effect tomorrow has been thrown out.

I'm going to out on a limb again and ask if someone representing some 'organization' paid this man to file the suit. Gun control/slavery advocates and those who desire control of the masses often use money and lawsuits to try and get their way.

The opt-out provision in the law allows owners to post that no guns are allowed but I think many of them don't want to do this in fear of loss of business. There are a significant number of folks around here who would rather frequent an establishment that is not a 'gun free zone.'

This sign is all the anti-2nd amendment zealots need to 'protect' their property.

Judge allows Tennessee guns in bars law to take effect

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - A law that allows handgun carry permit holders to carry their weapons into Tennessee bars and restaurants that serve alcohol will take effect at 12:01 a.m. Tuesday after a Nashville judge Monday afternoon denied a temporary restraining order.

Plaintiffs in a lawsuit filed late last month were seeking an injunction, alleging that the so-called "guns in bars" law is a public nuisance and threatens the public's safety.

Chancellor Claudia Bonnyman ruled Monday against blocking the law, though she said the case should be explored further in 90 days.

The law retains an existing ban on consuming alcohol while carrying a handgun and restaurant owners can still opt to ban weapons from their establishments.

Critics of the measure have continually said guns and alcohol in close proximity are a dangerous combination. {source}

One media outlet gives the man who filed the lawsuit his say, and it is BS.
"I'm not worried about the 99 percent of gun owners who are permit holders. I'm worried about the 1 or 2 percent of would-be ‘Dirty Harrys' who are going to carry out their attempts at vigilantly justice in our cities and environments," Randy Rayburn told NewsChannel 5.

NewsChannel 5 conducted a poll that asked if the judge should stop the guns-in-restaurants bill from becoming law - 38 percent said yes, 62% said no. Nearly 1,200 people participated in the survey.{source}

Not everyone is fooled by those who try to disarm honest citizens.
Mike says:

How much longer must we law-abiding citizens put up with the emasculation of the Constitution of the United States.

I took an oath to uphold and defend, as many have, including all those politicians at the federal level.

I have come to the point of declaring anyone who would infringe or water-down the Constitution or Bill of Rights as a traitor.(This means you Feinstein, Holder, et al.)

If I only had the Legal Authority to charge them as such . . .

No, I wouldn't shoot 'em - they're not worth a bullet.

Now each person, in each community, who is tired of the criminal having more rights than the law-abiding, of having local/state/federal politicians lieing out both sides of their mouths just to stay in power; get up off of your butts and take back your towns, cities, states, and Congress. Any judge who displays an activist agenda from the bench gets impeached. - Get the first one, the rest will fall in line.

Vote out the School Board, fire the Principal, tell the mayor to grow some backbone. Tell your Congressman to stop being a traitor to his oath and stop attacking citizens rights to self defense!

It is the way it is because WE let it be so. WE can stop it, and must before we look like Great Britain or Australia. {source}

I'll add to this and say that if we don't stop the crimes of government against the constitution, we'll be looking back at the police states of Great Britain, Australia, Canada and the U.S. as they are today and say that was the 'good ole days.'

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