Monday, August 31, 2009

Cheney again repeats a "Big Lie"

Cheney on Fox News
"I think the evidence is overwhelming that the Enhanced Interrogation Techniques were crucial in getting them to cooperate, and that the information they provided did in fact save thousands of lives and let us defeat all further attacks against the United States.
The thing I keep coming back to time and time again, Chris, is the fact that we've gone for eight years without another attack. Now, how do you explain that?"

I'll explain it. Cheney was neck deep in the attacks of 9/11 which have been milked by the state to undermine the constitution and create wars with very little backlash. There's been no need for another false flag. This one worked just fine. For now.

The talk radio apologists/whores are defending Cheney as if their job depends on it. Come to think of it, it does. Limbaugh's fill in today, Mark Davis, had what was most likely a set up caller who questioned those who doubt the official 9/11 story. Davis then gets to go on a very poor debunking rant and basically calls anyone interested in truth names. You can listen to it here if you are a 'pills' member.

Moving around the dial, several other of the radio shills called for the listeners to chime in on torture. All that I heard were for it, do whatever it takes and maybe the 'terrorists' won't get us.

Torture is just a side game that the pervert psychopaths play. Remember the rumors that videos of torture sessions were sent to Cheney for critique? Mass murder and control of whole populations through psyops and the media is where the action is.

Of course Holder's 'investigation' will be nothing more than cover ups and diversions away from the big boys and their big crimes. {see USAG Holder: The man who covered up Waco will now investigate torture?}

There's a cover up in place, but is Cheney a little worried that there could be slip up? Is that why he continues to go to the media and give justifications (lies..) for all he is responsible for? Bush is quiet. If the heat was on, GW could point the finger at Cheney and say "He's behind everything, I was just a stooge" and most everyone would agree.

Allan Roland wrote about Cheney in May and the story is still the same.....
Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld are the key co-conspirators in the 9/11 cover up and all will soon have their day in court when the appalling truth of America's most treasonous act is laid bare for the world to see ~ If Obama allows it to happen:
The noose is slowly closing on Dick Cheney's ultimate deception ~ which is his role in expediting the attacks against America on 9/11 and then utilizing torture to obtain so-called confessions to bolster the questionable 9/11 Commission findings.

Cheney knows the noose is closing and rightfully fears that he is being hung out to dry by Poppy Bush which explains G.W.'s silence while Cheney attempt to justify torture.

As the Daily Kos reported yesterday ~ " Don't be fooled, Dick and Liz aren't fighting for the GOP nor for the Bush administration, they are fighting to keep Dick out of jail. Liz Cheney even, herself, admitted on CNN Anderson Cooper 360 that her father's recent Media Tour was motivated by the fear to be prosecuted... Since Dubya is mum, I won't be surprised that he threw Cheney under the bus a long time ago with the help of his Poppy." {Here}

George W Bush, likely signed off on the 9/11 plot but was purposely kept somewhat out of the loop by Cheney ~ which explains his unconscious My Pet Goat Moment when informed of the attack ~ he was awaiting directions from Cheney.
Dick Cheney was in the bunker on 9-11 directing several “war games” and lied to 9-11 Omission Commission about the timing of his 9/11 activities and Donald Rumsfeld, a close friend of Cheney, was at Pentagon on 9-11 ~ and once slipped and said “when that missile hit the Pentagon”
But there are scores of other possible suspects in this conspiracy as seen in this graphic article ~ 9/11 Who Really Did It {Here}

It certainly appears that those who confessed to master minding the 9/11 attacks were also tortured ~ making their confessions highly suspect if not completely invalid along with the findings of the 9/11 Commission report. {Here}

So the obvious question is ~ Why Is President Obama not pushing the torture investigations ? The obvious answer is that Obama knows that any extensive torture investigation will lead to the so-called 9/11 confessions ( which were obtained under torture ) and open up a Pandora's Box ~ which will virtually implicate the entire Cheney/Bush administration.

However, this is a fire that won't go out as witnessed by John Hatch's May 22nd article in ICH entitled Torture and 9/11.

" The Iraq invasion was conceived long before 9/11 which was simply used as a pretext for achieving ‘full spectrum domination’ of land, sea, air, space, and cyberspace as outlined in The Project for a New American Century, of which Dick Cheney was a founding member, and President Bush a willing dupe.
The goal was nothing short of attempted world domination, and Iraq and Afghanistan were pawns on a list which included Syria and Iran. PNAC spoke longingly of a ‘new Pearl Harbor event’ as a catalyst to galvanize fearful American opinion to allow the former to have its way, which is exactly what happened after 9/11 (and don’t forget that mailed weaponized Lawrence Livermore anthrax, that ‘bonus terror’ that hurried the Patriot Act unread through Congress and that was since so conveniently blamed on a dead guy)
... An investigation would reveal (indeed we already know) that torture was employed to establish a false link between Saddam and al Qaeda in order to make a preconceived invasion more acceptable to the American people. (Lots of troops in Iraq still think that Saddam was responsible for 9/11, and still exact bloody revenge against innocent people.).. Since everything the people were told turned out to be lies, questions would inevitably arise regarding the ‘catalyst’ itself, the new Pearl Harbor 9/11 event that was so useful to PNAC and the Bush Administration... "
Hatch concludes with this observation ~ " This, I submit is what officials in the Obama Administration fear the most. An investigation of torture would inevitably lead to questions about what 9/11 was really about. We know with certainty that the official version of events is a pack of lies; what if America had to confront the fact that 9/11 really was an inside job? (The recent finding of nano-thermite in WTC dust is just one more compelling argument.)...Such a finding would so undermine Americans’ core beliefs as to have profoundly unpredictable consequences. It would mean that no American is safe from its own terrorist government. It would mean that government is not only corrupt to its very foundations, but also that it is a force of malevolence toward its citizens. It would mean that there is nothing in which to place one’s political faith. It would mean that the same forces that killed 3000 Americans on that day (and many subsequently) still operate behind the scenes in Washington, and ‘change’ is only cosmetic.

It would prove that over the last two terms, democracy was a cruel illusion in America (and some would say since November 22, 1963). It would mean that for the patriotic American citizen, at last there’s nothing left to lose... That's what they're ( Obama Administration ) are rightly afraid of ... That’s why they want to allow the Bush putsch to get away with murder... and avoid looking further into the abyss.. "

But look into the abyss we must ~ for true transformation is never painless and must start with the truth and transparency ~ regardless of the consequences. We have a malignant cancer and it must be fully identified and isolated before it can be treated.It's time for Congress to investigate the massive Iraq-Torture Scandal ~ and for the Department of Justice to prosecute Dick Cheney for creating it. {source}

Bush and Cheney did not testify before the 9/11 commission. They were not under oath and there was no recording made of the session nor a stenographer in the room.
It was their way of making sure that there were no conflicting statements and that no perjury charges could ever come out of it.

The White House fired back at Cheney today. Now there's a small war of words on who's torturing and killing is the most effective.

Make no mistake, Obama, Cheney...they are on the same side. They work for the same bankers, the same corporations and the same foreign interests.

These criminals will try their best to never let one of their own take a fall. It could start a domino effect that leads them all to the gallows.


  1. I'm not so sure about what to think of this...torture is not my think, but sometimes it's required to get the answers from the Enemy.

  2. Mr. Reed;

    The question is not whether or not we can accept the morality of torture nor is it the relative effectiveness of the act itself, but rather the question is, are we or are we not a nation of laws anymore?

    Torture was and is illegal and it doesn't matter what Yoo and Addington write, it doesn't matter what Cheney and his daughter says, what matters is the law.

    And if, like you said, it was "required" to get the answers from "the enemy", well, though that would be one of the very few times that reliable information came from torture, the question obviously becomes, what information is "required" next time, and who decides who "the enemy" is?

    Torture does not produce accurate intelligence. Torture produces things like false links between al Qaeda and Iraq. Torture produces false confessions, and false accusations against others.

    That is the real purpose of torture. It is a tool of tyrants and fascists like Saddam and Musilini and the Shaw of Iran.

    Those people also told their people that torture was needed to get the "insurgents", the "dissidents", and the "leftists"... AKA "The Enemy".

    The purpose of torture is repression and terror. It is just another stage of Shock and Awe.

  3. It sure is fun watching poor old Dick Cheney stumbling all over the right wing airwaves, desperately trying to poison the jury pool and dodge a VERY long stretch in a federal prison. I only saw clips of his "interview" with Chris Wallace on FOX Noise on Sunday. Someone described it as a starry-eyed teenage girl interviewing one of the Jonas brothers.

    It sure is funny observing the meltdown of Dick and Liz (Cheney - not Burton and Taylor). The trillion dollar hammer is about to hit the fan. They're like cornered rats. Oh, man! I'm lovin' this!

    Don't take your eye off the Cheneys. For your best entertainment bargain, these two are the show that should not be missed. We're talking essential viewing here!

    Tom Degan, Goshen, NY

  4. Dim bulb Bush is lying low staying out of society's face why can't "The Dick" go away. Kinda like the Clintons turds that just won't flush off.

  5. "See Dick Run!"

    "See Dick Hide!"

    "See Dick Lie!"

    Cheney was one of the main ringleaders of 9/11.

    The torture he's so fond of was used to extract painful, manufactured confessions from those about to die... and some did die, refusing to lie for the 9/11 architects.

    I think that GW might of been aware of some of the details, but was kept out of the loop, due to his running off at the mouth when he was using a teleprompter.
    They couldn't trust GW with details.

    Remember the look of surprise on Junior's face when first told the WTC had been hit?
    But he regained his composure and continued reading "My Pet Goat" instead of acting like he was prez.

    Cheney is a cogential liar and is lying again, to keep his sorry ass out of prison, where he belongs for the rest of his life.

    But don't look for that to happen. If they did arrest, try and convict one of the 9/11 rat bastards, he'd start squealing like a pig, ratting out more of his rodent friends.

    And that can't be allowed to happen.

  6. Mr. Reed's comment is indicative of the larger problem here. We have adapted a savage mentality since 9/11, one that used to be the fodder of anti-communism propaganda in the 50 and 60s.

    "They" used torture... "They" used mercenaries... "They" had secret prisons and death-squads that would whisk away innocents in the dread of night... This is what "They" did... the "Enemy" as Mr. Reed so aptly put it.

    now "They" are us and we, them. And their tactics and crimes have been tacitly approved by the broad majority of the population under the assumption that our government STILL stands against tyranny and deceit. For when Mr. Reed strips away the dogma and the rhetoric of the current and previous administration, what he will find, like some of us already have found, is that all that is left are the lies and the deception...

    "It is a tale... of sound and fury, signifying nothing."