Saturday, August 8, 2009

Gunfire in the Distance...the sound of the 2nd amendment

Sitting out on the back porch this afternoon, instead of the normal sounds of silence or of nature, I heard the sound of gunfire. Someone was practicing, training in the use of firearms.

I'd say about 200 rounds were fired. It sounded like maybe a 22 pistol, then maybe a five shot revolver, a semi-automatic pistol and last, some kind of semi-auto rifle with quick bursts. The echo from the hills increased about 4 times with the rifle.

Call the law? Not me. It's hard to get in any practice time. Go to a range? Who's got the money? The ammo is expensive enough.

Having seen the law show up on several occasions in the past to a 'training session' in the country and shut it down, I think we should have this right to practice, even if others can hear us as long as it's done safely. Heck, one time 4 county patrol cars came storming in with pistols drawn and wanted to know what we were doing. This was in sunny weather and on a Saturday afternoon, fairly deep in the hills.
"Just practicing sir, we're all legal."

"Well, the neighbors a mile away said you were making too much noise and you can't continue."
It gets harder and harder to train in how to effectively handle firearms outside of a controlled environment that has to be paid for. Home schooling makes too much noise for the neighbors.

I like the sound of gunfire in the distance. That person who is practicing could possibly turn out to be an ally...


  1. Well, at least Clifford Clark won his trial for allegedly shootign a redlight camera in Knoxville. All charges were dismissed this week, after his lawyer subpoenaed a Knox County deputy to testify that a Knox deputy confessed to shooting a redlight camera. Australian Redflex was fired from that contract for "suspected contract fraud and bribery" one week after Mr Clark's lawyer confirmed that a deputy confessed to that crime.

    Funny how KPD destroyed all ballistic evidence in this case, by throwing away the recovered bullet fragemnts, and losing the camera housing with bullets holes. No way to even check caliber... KPD also threw away all audio recordings of Mr Clark's "confession" and "consent" to search of his car and home, which Mr Clark vehemently denies making those statements.

    Mr Clark still has 4 more trials scheduled in 2009. One trial for alleged "aggrevated assault" is for pointing a loaded shotgun at an unidentified undercover deputy in a Metallica t-shirt who kicked in his door without a search warrant and pointed a gun at Mr Clark in his bedroom, then the deputy testified the deputy "ran screaming from the house having flashbacks to Afghanistan".

    The 2nd trial is for alleged "trespass" as a UT student invited by a professor to a party on campus. Mr Clark already has 2 degrees from UT, and is a successful millionare businessman working on his 3rd degree. The home invasion by Metallica deputies was for service of process of the bogus trespass warrant, that was never properly sworn to by an eyewitness to a judge.

    The 3rd trial is for return of $10,000 in firearms stolen by deputies from a locked gunsafe.

    The 4th trial will be automatically dismissed before it starts, since its the same double jeopardy charges as shooting the redlight camera, but in city court.

    So KPD, KCSO and Knox DA got busted framing a patsy, in an Operation Northwoods false-flag event. What did Lee Harvey Oswald say, "I emphatically deny these charges! I didn't shoot nobody no sir!" Then a Kosher mobster shot him inside the police station, the same police station where the president of USA was shot in front of 2 days prior, as part of Operation Northwoods, and its sub project, Operation Mongoose.

    If Mr Clark hadn't been able to afford $50,000 in lawyer fees so far, he'd probably be getting convicted next week, when his jury trial was set to begin for the redlight camera. Note that he never got a redlight ticket, and never got a traffic ticket in the original traffic stop. The only "evidence" cops had was he was transporting an unloaded rifle, which of course is not a crime.

    Millions of people lawfully carry a loaded gun at all times, but that don't make them guilty of every alleged crime in every neighborhood they drive through.

  2. The sound of freedom ringing thru the hills.

    Four deputies showed up at a legal target practice?

    Must of been a slow day elsewhere.

  3. John, I have been following your reporting on the Clark case. Thanks for the update. What is it with Knoxville politics? I know they don't like your stirring the pot but someone's got to do it.

    Greg, I suppose it was a slow day because that time they had to travel over 20 miles to get there. Other times in different places there was only one car sent. Each time the cops were nice about it but it does put a damper on practice.

  4. "What is it with Knoxville politics?" -Kenny, August 9, 2009 6:55 AM

    * * * * *

    Judeo-Conspirators Are Now On Defensive; Patriots Must Continue To Consolidate, Avoid Falling-Apart
    (Apollonian, 9 Aug 09)

    Ken, it's COUNTERFEITED money, the simple, short answer to ur above-quoted question. And it's same with politics everywhere, evermore--it will continue until it peaks in CYCLIC fashion. U shouldn't under-estimate the power of this counterfeit racket and the complications thereto. Culmination is still yet to come.

    Don't forget, same people who control counterfeited funds control drugs too--along with all other criminal activity which can possibly be controlled. And ability to counterfeit is potentially, nearly UN-LIMITED--u can do it till it's just soooo ridiculous, until u've literally reduced it to absurd--until it's like Confederate money, or like presently in Zimbabwe--US is still probably a good year or two away fm that "run-away" stage according to Peter Schiff (

    Why do politicians in Wash. DC pass laws they don't even bother reading now?--like "Comp. Immigration Reform," legalizing alien invaders, opposed by 80% of the people?--obvious answer is huge, incredible volumes of COUNTERFEITED funds which successfully bribes and extorts these filthy criminals, perverts, addicts, and traitors.

    And with drugs and essentially UN-LIMITED sources of counterfeited funds, they can hire literal armies (like former "BlackWater") of assassins to enforce the growing dictatorship.

    So on the one hand, u have the criminal masterminds controlling this activity--much as it's possible. On the other hand, there are those few Christian-oriented types who adhere to TRUTH. And in the middle are the air-heads and morons, the vast, excess over-population which has been bred-up over the fat years of plenty, while the party was going so strong--after all, they just want to watch TV and drink a little beer.

    And remember: it's a CYCLIC process according to "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. So patriots and Christian soldiers must be PATIENT, watchful, wary, and sly as snakes. Planning revolution requires analysis and accurate sociologic/psychologic observation.

    Mighty INTERNET was one thing Judeo-conspirators (see and for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy) didn't count on getting away fm them as it has.

    So meantime, we patriots and Christian soldiers must preach a REVOLUTIONARY CHRISTIANITY--which is absolutely ANTI-SEMITIC (anti-Talmud, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13) and rationalistic, which both must go together. Reason necessarily leads to anti-semitism; mysticism only feeds lies and Jews and their suck-alongs. AND THERE ARE NO "GOOD" JEWS--remember that--"only good one's a dead one."

    Christianity, properly understood, is AGAINST mysticism no less than it is anti-semitic--and this is the great cultural key to the necessary revolution, Christian reason and anti-semitism. It doesn't mean Christianity doesn't make use of things that SEEM mystic--like the "Trinity"--for there's serious pupose to it (most emphatic rejection of Jew concept of God).

    At same time, it does no good to get too pessimistic--note Obama has now essentially been definitively exposed and dis-credited as usurper, not "natural born," as well as the "Jews-media" which is now seen as sheer terrorist tool of Judeo-conspirators.

    CONCLUSION: Oligarchs in their gross HUBRIS thought they could control internet and blogs--but it got away fm them--this also is necessary part of CYCLIC process. So keep up ur good blogging work. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian