Saturday, August 15, 2009

Injured Hearts, Injured Minds

People have a choice. The first one should be "Don't enlist in the military."

Video supplement to Injured Hearts, Injured Minds, from The Texas Observer.
The soldier in the video took Zoloft out on a mission resulting in suicidal thoughts. He was talked 'down' and made it back. Many others are not so lucky.
There have been 96 reported active-duty Army suicides during the period Jan. 1, 2009 – July 31, 2009. Of these, 62 have been confirmed, and 34 are pending determination of manner of death. For the same period in 2008, there were 79 suicides among active-duty soldiers.

During July 2009, among reserve component soldiers not on active duty, there were four potential suicides. During the period Jan. 1, 2009 – July 31, 2009, among that same group, there have been 17 confirmed suicides and 28 potential suicides; the potential suicides are currently under investigation to determine the manner of death. For the same period in 2008, there were 32 suicides among reserve soldiers not on active duty. {source - DoD News}

Suicide After Combat

Hope's gone AWOL in Echo platoon

Study prescriptions - suicide link

Most Americans don't actually give a damn about soldiers that die, either in war or by their own hand. The military doesn't either except for some occasional bad publicity. The war machine is only interested in some form of profit.

Parents, kids...there should only be one word to the military death recruiters....NO!


  1. I enjoyed the company of a Vietnam vet for several months in 1977.
    Logging camp jobs were aplenty and we travelled up and down the B.C. coast by floatplane charter working and blasting guns at every stop.
    A crazy mixed up guy who seldom slept but suicide was unthinkable as were the nasty drugs of the present day. Men were men then... This new batch of yuppie soldiers are ticking zombie-bombs ready to go off at the slightest stressor.

  2. A very relevant observation anon.

    I'm afraid you may be right.

  3. re; Doping of America
    ...Chemical solitary confinement..
    'Go pills' lol

  4. Somewhere. in some govt lab, work is probably being done on a medicine that will not only give the user a rush when killing, but will wipe out memories afterward, to erase any guilt pangs that might creep in.

    Unless your a Neocon or a Zionist, then that is already hard-wired into your psych.