Friday, August 7, 2009

Let's make some money off of fear
Quake Kare has cut prices. Sales must be a little slow.
Life Secure Pandemic Flu Protection Deluxe Kit

Just a couple of examples. A search will find many more. Besides the billions being thrown around for vaccines, companies and individuals want to get in on the action.

Schools are 'ground zero' according to the local news so better grab that mask.

The Tennessee Sons of Liberty received an email response from an inquiry about a mandatory swine flu vaccination program in Tennessee.
Thank you for writing to Commissioner Cooper with your concerns. There are no plans or pending legislation federally or at the state level to mandate that people receive H1N1 pandemic vaccine. Tennessee's efforts are focused upon assuring swift access to the vaccine for that all those who need and want the vaccine to protect themselves, their families and patients. The pandemic vaccine will be FDA-licensed and is made exactly as seasonal flu vaccine is made; for this reason, we expect it to be as safe as seasonal flu vaccine, which also changes virus strains from year to year.
In Tennessee, healthcare providers in hospitals who refuse to be vaccinated to protect themselves and their vulnerable patients from influenza may sign a written declination statement to that effect. Influenza vaccine is not required for school or daycare.
Thank you for writing,
Kelly Moore, MD
Medical Director, TN Immunization Program
Makes you feel much better doesn't it.

Twelfth Bough has been keeping up with scare scam. Here's her latest report.
What a Racket

That's not a direct link to the article but to the blog main page. I kept getting this for the specific page:

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With computers and the internet, as with the government, media and corporations on the swine flu, it's always something.


  1. oh gee i didn't even realize

    i must be getting pretty obnoxious


  2. The answer the Sons of Liberty received is similar to the one I received from the MO Dept of Health.

    My reply said:

    In planning for H1N1 influenza the issue of mandatory vaccinations has never been discussed, to date there is no “mandatory vaccination” requirement from the federal or state level.

    Methinks someone at the federal level has been distributing 'Talking Points.'

    Bet if you polled answers from other states, you'd see similar replies.

    Notice they say 'legislation.' Is a presidential Executive Order that's already in place considered 'legislation?'

  3. Sometime right after I posted this, at least from where I am, every blogger site was giving this 'we're sorry' message but all other sites were OK. At about 6:00 pm when I checked it again, everything was fixed.

    One Nashville private school was closed yesterday because one kid MAY have had H1N1. So as you reported Peasant, they are probably just guessing without any confirmation.

    And yeah Greg, I'd say that there has been a coordinated effort to control the message if you ask the states about mandatory vaccinations.

  4. Get this: British government is telling sick people NOT to go to their doctors or to the hospital if sick, they are given a phone number to ring, and get this, the phones are manned by people who have no jobs and are on welfare, or drug addicts in treatment. They follow an algorithm to see if you qualify for tamifu. They are diagnosing everyone who rings with swine flu, so far one child has died from this, parents of 2 year old told she had swine flu, no need for hospital, but she had meningitis instead and died. Another one had a dangerous kidney problem, again told it was swine flu, his parents went to hospital anyway and he is in critical condition. This is absolute bolloxs, telling people not to see doctors or go to hospital. How many more will die from idiots with printed out algorithm cards in call centers, unreal!

  5. irish, I have been wondering if the US will follow the British in this if things get worse.

    From my experience with tamiflu, I would have to call any parent who would give a child this poison, insane.

  6. From my experience with tamiflu, I would have to call any parent who would give a child this poison, insane.

    Or completely brainwashed. They along with the ones that think Bin Laden is still alive and responsible for 9/11.

  7. @Kenny,

    I have no clue, me thinks it's every country for itself. Jaysus, you dont know which is worse the fecking flu or the fecking vaccine, I think I'll just move to a mountain and be a caveman for the next two years

    now where did I put that loin cloth

  8. It's probably every man or woman for themselves.

    I'll take my chances on the flu over the vaccines.

  9. I got that same idiot google message when I was trying to find a recipe for honey drizzled squash cake! Major tweak I guess. Did you see the story about the two year old who was misdiagnosed with swine flu? Turned out it was meningitis and the baby died. Hysteria rules the day.

  10. and it's amazing, aren't they afraid of lawsuits for misdiagnosing people over the phone?? guess not. probably some legal immunity has been granted just like for big pharma and the vaccines. yet it seems to me that doctors are always insisting you come in for a useless time wasting appointment even if you know exactly what's wrong and just need them to call something in for you. no they can't do that because they're afraid of a malpractice suit, but they'll diagnose people for swine flu over the phone.