Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Most Dangerous Man in the World?

Is this man the biggest threat to start another war that will cause more of our American 'volunteer' soldier children to die? Not to mention a multitude of civilian causalities in the lands of our "enemies." He will need help and it looks like he is pushing for a coalition of zionist nation states to assist him.
Israel's Netanyahu given Holocaust plans in Berlin

BERLIN (Reuters) - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on a visit to Germany on Thursday that one lesson Israel drew from the Holocaust was that threats to its existence could not go unchallenged and must be "nipped in the bud".

"We cannot allow evil to prepare the mass death of innocents. The most important thing to do is to nip it in the bud," said Netanyahu, alluding to past threats by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to wipe Israel off the map. {be sure to read the rest of this...}

If it wasn't so serious, I could get a few laughs from yahoo's BS talk.
OK, fun time is over. To be drawn into a war with Iran will drive more nails into America's coffin.

xymphora's post today sums up what what kind of county we are dealing with...
Of course, there is 'no evidence' for the New Blood Libel, as the only evidence for it is the testimony of Palestinians. Unfortunately, Palestinians, being sub-human - like blacks and women used to be - aren't qualified to give evidence, and no matter how many say the same thing, the statement of one Jew - not just a human being, but a Supreme Human Being - is enough to make the whole issue a matter of anti-Semitic group defamation. This despite the fact that in the whole context of what Jews do to Palestinians on a daily basis, and with great joy and gusto, stealing organs is an almost inconsequential Evil.

Will Obama and Netanyahu partner in even more death that what they already have going on?


  1. Just saw a report on the BBC.

    Their reporter in Berlin, Rosenberg, opened his report with the whole Iran/sanctions issue, jumped briefly to Angela Merkel's discontent over settlement expansion and concluded with the longest segment of the three by focusing on the plans handed to yahoo and the Holocaust.

    What message is the viewer supposed to take away from that lousy report?

    That today, the Jewish people are under another demonic threat, Iran?

    The average viewer can't be faulted either for concluding that in comparison to the Holocaust and the Iranian "threat", the settlement issue is trivial, at best. After all, that's the message the BBC wants to send.

    We have Mark Thompson the BBC's director who cozied up to Ariel Sharon in 2005 to thank.

    By the way, CBS's chairman is the great-nephew of David Ben Gurion.

  2. Iran hasn't attacked anyone in what hundreds of years? This probably means Israel will be up to something dastardly in the near future since they are flogging the ol' nazi horse again.

  3. And he knows all about "evil to prepare the mass death of innocents" now doesn't he? God's "ChosenTM" have gained a pretty tight monopoly on that market in recent decades.