Saturday, August 15, 2009

Remind You of Anything? Building Demolition in China

Breath deep, and repeat after me:

That looks nothing like the collapse of the World Trace Towers... The terrorists hate us because of our freedom... The war on terror will not end in our lifetime...

And again...

from WTC Demoliton



  1. So what are you saying? 9/11 wasn't terrorists? The buildings were taken down on purpose? The official 9/11 account is a lie? If this is true, why is the world media silent? Why are world and national governments silent? Why is academia silent? If what you are implying is true, why hasn't the fraud been exposed? Who in this world other than bin laden would do such a horrible thing? It just doesn't make sense.

  2. Did Larry Silverstein hold the lease on that?

  3. Anonymous is making an ass of himself.

    He assumes that the US media is as honest as Mother Teresa and will surely expose government cover ups.

    No one can be THAT naive, can they?

    If Anonymous bothered to simply check the FBI's Most Wanted page, he'd see that Bin Laden is not and never was wanted for 9/11.

    By the way, the Academia is not silent, nor are other governments. It's just that the US media which is owned by 5 major companies silences, discredits and marginalizes anyone who disagrees with the establishment.

    Just because you've got your head buried in the sand, doesn't mean nothing is going on around you.

    Here's a quarter, go buy a clue.

  4. My head is only buried in the desert sands of Saudi Arabia where the terrorists who did 9/11 lived, Justin.