Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Science of 9/11 - Explosive Images 

The horizontal reach of the debris is remarkable.

The direction of this dust indicates that the steel has been projected both outwards and upwards.

The question asked there was: is this the concrete? There was of course a lot of concrete in the buildings, about 100 acres, 4 inches thick, in each tower, and it had to go somewhere, as very little can be found in photographs of the base of the towers after collapse. One has to ask why a building falling due to gravity would pulverize so much concrete so finely as to turn most of it into dust.

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  1. The official backers of 9/11 still haven't explained how a simple collapse would expel steel beams weighing several hundred tons could fly thru the air and get lodged in another building.

    Reynolds: Very forcible ejections, indeed, from air allegedly expelled sideways solely by 12 foot collapses per floor. Tens of thousands of tons of steel were ejected horizontally hundreds of feet. Now that takes real energy, unavailable from mere gravity and compressed air. One bit of steel weighing a feathery 600,000 pounds, more than twice the 140-ton estimated weight of the alleged Boeing 767, traveled an impressive 390 feet to lodge into a nearby building. How much wind was there that day! page=911&subpage1=refuting_demolition_debunkers