Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Town Hall

The TV news and talk radio are twitching over the latest round of town hall meetings. A lot of talk, a lot of lies and misinformation coming from both sides of the false left/right paradigm.

Sure, health care is important but is it the most important issue of the day. Congress can't write a law that makes any sense and isn't full of special interest money. Obama seeks to control the debate but to what end?

Why haven't people been this up in arms about all of the other lies? There are the wars, the Federal Reserve, IRS, Wall Street, a constitution in ruins and a number of other issues that folks should be screaming about but are not.

Is this all about distracting us? Bigger things are happening but there's little in your face confrontations about those.

At best, these latest town hall meeting may delay the 'health reform' legislation but we'll see. Will Congress go back into session and vote against the will of the people as they have so many times? And why isn't anyone shouting about the criminal activities of the pharmaceutical industry, the FDA and other proposed laws that will repress our search for alternative medical solutions.

We have very few true representatives, only whores for the big money.

I think these town hall meetings are missing the basic points.


  1. Not sure this anger at these meetings is such a bad thing.
    Maybe people's blinders are starting to fall away and that will make them more interested in what's been going on behind closed doors on Capitol Hill.

  2. I'm with you on that. I sure hope so.

  3. Also keep in mind this legislation intended to supply bankrupt government with new revenue stream lest it default on its debt payments. China over here recently, worried about dropping dollar, etc -- but I'm not telling you anything you do not already know.

    What comes out will have no employer mandates or government option (that great piece of work, Sicko, is ignored of course) and will simply be a tax bill for promises (sound familiar?). MSM is totally disgusting trying to connect this to their false-flag hate agenda.

    People angry here, too. Didn't realize it so much until I went to the zoning board rehearing after 400 people unanimously defied by 5 appointed pinheads. Damn thing is going to be five miles away and is going to be noisy as well as polluting the air, ground, and water with chemicals -- all at taxpayer expense. many around still diverted, but tax increases and such have them miffed.

    Best to you both, with thanks

  4. Spector looks like he has been embalmed!

  5. These are just pissed off Republicans that would be taking anything McCain/Palin dished at them right up the ass.
    Like you said, Kenny, where was this outrage 5 years ago when we found out the entire Iraq war was based on deception. Nowhere. These protestors are idiots.

  6. Just visited a TH in New Jersey last night. The hate was moderate but still astounding. I was sickened at the sound of a few - 10 or 12 out of 300 or so - who cheered when the prospect of "illegal" "immigrants" dying in the streets was mentioned.
    We are a pathetic nation . . .