Tuesday, September 22, 2009

'Hammer' Time

The media image rehabilitation of Tom Delay.

Instead of 'dancing behind bars' the Hammer gets prime time exposure.

Why is Delay are over the tube?

The crimes and corruption of Delay is a long and sordid story which should have put the 'hammer' in the slammer but slithering away without receiving too much harm is the way of a snake.

Source Watch has a good run down on Delay's criminal and warmongering history but a certain aspect of his story gives a hint as to why he escaped prosecution. He has friends in 'low places.'
DeLay has been a strong supporter of the State of Israel, saying, "The Republican leadership, especially that leadership in the House, has made pro-Israel policy a fundamental component of our foreign policy agenda and it drives the Democrat [sic] leadership crazy — because they just can't figure out why we do it!"

On a 2003 trip to Israel, DeLay toured the nation and addressed members of the Knesset. His opposition to land concessions is so strong that Israel's conservative National Union Party deputy Aryeh Eldad remarked, "as I shook his hand, I told Tom DeLay that until I heard him speak, I thought I was farthest to the right in the Knesset." Former Mossad chief Danny Yatom said "The Likud is nothing compared to this guy." {much more here}

Being a criminal and traitor to one's country doesn't always mean having to say you're sorry.

Just ask Tom....


  1. If there was an award for "Sleazebag of the Year," Delay would win hands down... as long as that slimy toad 'Newt' Gingrich hadn't been nominated.

    The AIPAC spin machine is resurrecting traitors like Delay and Newtie to spin their lies about abortion, gays and probably, although I haven't seen it yet, the flag burning amendment.
    Anything to keep questions about these 'Wars for Israel' and the Fed off the table.

    I watched part of the bible thumping Values Voters confab that met this past weekend and what struck me, besides all the fiery rhetoric, was the average age of the particpants.

    The youngest looked to be about 55 and the average age group was somewhere near 65.

    Maybe their kids and grandkids have heard enough lies and then again, maybe they were at that "Young Republicans" rall held a week or two before with the likes of Ann Coulter and Malikin feeding the troops red meat.

    One thing for sure, the Republicans know how to push the right buttons.

    I know Americans have short memory, but this is setting new records.

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