Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I am Israel

Take and Destroy...The Israel way

Israeli Defense Minister to allow settlement expansion - settlers say it's not enough
The Israeli Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, is scheduled to announce that he will allow the expansion of Israeli settlements in the West Bank by several hundred units before implementing a temporary six-month hold on further expansion. But Israeli settlers, who live on Palestinian territory in contravention of international law, have called the plan a 'mockery', arguing that they should have a right to expand without restrictions.

The municipal governments of a number of Israeli settlements have complained that the Israeli government has prevented them from expanding as much as they would like to, and are now criticizing Barak's announcement that 500 new units will be allowed. They argue that tens of thousands of new units should be allowed right now, with many more to come, in order to allow their settlements to expand.

All Israeli settlements are constructed on Palestinian land seized by military force from the indigenous Palestinian population, and are thus considered illegal under international law and the Fourth Geneva Convention, to which Israel is a signatory. {more - uruk}

Settlers uproot olive trees from Palestinian land near Ramallah

Bethlehem – Ma’an Israeli settlers uprooted 50 olive trees near the Palestinian village of Al-Maghayir, north of the city of Ramallah on Monday afternoon, according to Israeli radio.

Israel’s military believes the attack was a preemptive response to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s decision to reduce construction in West Bank settlements. {more - uruk}

Only in Israel

White House Knocks Israel Over Settlements
White House press secretary Robert Gibbs released a statement strongly criticizing Israel's decision to approve the construction of hundreds of housing units in West Bank settlements.

The Obama administration has called on Israel to freeze all construction in the settlements, which are Israeli outposts set up on land claimed by Palestinians.

"We regret the reports of Israel's plans to approve additional settlement construction," Gibbs said. "Continued settlement activity is inconsistent with Israel's commitment under the Roadmap." {more}
Lip service with no teeth. So what is Obama and Congress going to do about it? Cut off the billions of free money and the armaments we give them each year? Yeah, right.


  1. Christian Heroes, Saints Act Regardless Of "Cool People" Who Only Want To "Feel Good"
    (Apollonian, 8 Sep 09)

    By golly but that was an effective, smashing, crushing video--as long as u can read the English text okay, which I could.

    Excellent maps too, showing how the Jew settlements in Palestine expand so tremendously voluminously, so rapidly. And Israel rules, as Jews rule, as they control the US money supply by means of their incredible, sublime COUNTERFEITING conspiracy/fraud, the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)--see RealityZone.com, TheMoneyMasters.com, and JudenFrei.org for expo/ref.--crux to the incredible overall Jew criminal conspiracy.

    And no one in USA has the wit to be able to spread the word about this Jew COUNTERFEITING conspiracy, as like Ron Paul, people can only speak in abstract, intellectual-type terms, such as "printing money out of thin air"--which means nothing to most people, poor dumb, over-populated fools destined to die.

    Consider then, even children can understand "counterfeiting"--but these poor, over-populated goons, called "people," can't even equal the honesty of children, poor, stupid fools and morons.

    Further then, by means of this COUNTERFEITING, the Jews actually then control the "Christian" establishment which Christianity was originally designed to be anti-semitic (anti-Talmud, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13)--all the various "churches"--the very purpose of Christianity being to warn and protect the poor, dumb people fm these monstrous Jews, the most brilliant liars/frauds who ever existed--who even lie to themselves, these lie-complexes controlled/manipulated so brilliantly by topmost masterminds among Jews and accomplices.

    Thus it is left to heroes and saints like the valiant Apollonian, who are called "trolls," etc., to try to attempting to spread the word about these human monsters, called Jews, and their techniques. But Apollonian isn't appreciated by the "feel-good" artists bent upon "going along" to getting along, etc.

    But heroes and saints don't care, and they keep on "keeping on," speaking the (anti-semitic) truth which scum, filth, and puke don't want to hear 'cause they don't think it's "cool."

    For true heroes and saints go by their own exalted judgment--while at same time in perfect tune (much as possible, anyway) with the objective reality--it's not like we're only capable of our own private realities which we cannot exceed or transcend--like those psychopathic Jews.

    CONCLUSION: Thus as "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler proceeds, and losers and weaklings are steadily reduced and expended fm excess over-population, heroes and saints are confident survivors will be evermore attentive to what they need to hear. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  2. "You better stop stealing that land or, or I'll make a really menacing scowl and look your way!"

    That should do it.

    Congress is back in session, so it means more money and weapons to Israel off that shopping list Ziostan gave the quislings who visited that apartheid nightmare in July and August.