Sunday, September 20, 2009

More U.S. dead in Afghanistan but 'good news' is families get free trip to Dover AFB

KABUL 9/20/09 — Military officials say three American troops have died in Afghanistan, including one killed in combat in the country's east.

A statement from the NATO-led force in Afghanistan says two of the Americans died Sunday in a noncombat-related incident in the south.

3 family members can get a free trip to Dover to see the return of their loved ones.
Mortuary center sees steep rise in visits

Obama on Face the Nation 9/20/09

Schieffer: We keep hearing that General McChrystal is about to ask you for tens of thousands of new American troops to go to Afghanistan, our David Martin has reported that. Are you considering something of that nature? Sending that large a force to Afghanistan?

Obama: I'm not considering it at that point because I haven't received the request. But I just want to remind people how we got here. When I came in Afghanistan was adrift because we frankly hadn't focused on it. I immediately ordered a top-to-bottom review. Part of that review was when General McChrystal got to Afghanistan for him to do his own assessment. In the meantime I sent 21,000 troops to make sure that we could secure election that was going to take place in the early fall.

The election is now complete. General McChrystal has completed his assessment. But my job is to make sure that we get a strategy that focuses on my core goal, which is to dismantle, defeat, destroy al Qaeda and its allies that killed Americans and are still plotting to kill Americans…{more}
Still invoking 9/11 and al Qaeda. It's the only song Obama knows.


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  2. I know history doesn't apply to the peoples republik of amerika and the Obamessiah makes his own history but I seem to remember the former USSR had half a million troops in Afghanistan and still couldn't emerge victorious. Wonder if these young Marxists in their Che Guevarra shirts will sign up and fight for the big win in Pipelineistan. Yea that was rhetorical we already know they won't be anywhere near any real fighting, too busy wiping the coffee stain off their Che Guevarra shirts and looking cool.