Thursday, September 10, 2009

The reason why on 9/11 I didn't believe a damn thing they said


The April 19th, 1995 'false flag' attack on the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City...
9/11 was over six years after the OK City bombing. We had plenty of time to get the 'alternative' viewpoints to what the main stream media was telling us and some came to the conclusion that our 'government' would kill their own to help move along their agenda.

There wasn't much of an internet in 1995 but there was a daily source of talk radio on the 'patriot network' shortwave stations at night. I don't remember the names of any of the hosts but I certainly remember Retired Brigadier Gen. USAF, Benton K. Partin. He was a frequent guest on these shows telling his side of the OK City 'terrorist' attack and cover up to anyone who would listen.

Now some may say that General Partin doesn't exist because he is not included in Wikipedia but I listened to him many times. He did have a voice. Other shortwave talk during that time was about Waco, the 1993 WTC bombing and Ruby Ridge plus a generous helping of IRS and Federal Reserve crimes.

The anti-criminal government 'militia movement' that was building by the day had to be curtailed and that's what OKC was all about. Truth is always a threat to the oligarchy and 'false flag attacks' using patsies to blame either a 'lone nut' or a group that needs to be an enemy is a tried and true black op technique.

The gradual evolution of alternative information sites on the internet solidified our suspicions.

So it wasn't much of a stretch on 9/11 when I was sitting in a conference room with fellow co-workers and saw the first WTC tower collapse and immediately say "The world will never be the same" while wondering what the 'official' story was going to be and flashing back to the OK City attack.

A friend came over to watch the TV coverage that night and you may remember when the networks cut to live video of bombs exploding in Kabul which later was said to be be 'insurgent attacks'. We thought the war had already begun. He turned to me and said "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" I said "Yes, but it will be better if it is terrorists, we can handle that a whole lot better." But wishful thinking doesn't make it so. Prayers after the fact don't change a thing. No one said much the rest of the night.

It wasn't that we knew much of anything, but we were aware of the past and how it repeats itself. From the JFK assassination and Vietnam to that moment, there were always the rumblings of a government that do not serve 'we the people' but only the few.

We've come a long way since 9/11. Enough evidence is available to have very intense investigations of 9/11, OK City and numerous other rogue government murders all over the world. Just lying us into the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan (and more to come) is a capital offense. No indictments and trials are going to come. Present political power must cover up the crimes of the past to maintain the illusions and increase their control of our lives.

So what do we do? How do we honor the victims of these crimes of the state?

How do we stop it from happening again?

Our 'government' is trying to turn the greatest mass murder on our shores into a 'day of service' as a diversion to the lies.

There's only one service we should ever have when it comes to 9/11. The pursuit of truth...and justice.


  1. Nothing like adding a religious narrative to 9/11 which will help make it a sacred event, not to be questioned, but worshipped. It will also be a subtle reminder that the Christian world is in a decades long battle against those damned Muslims.

    A STEEL girder shaped like a crucifix is lowered into place at Ground Zero - nearly eight years after the 9/11 terror attacks.

  2. Should have shaped it like a Star of David.

  3. Crucifix is appropriate, since Jesus was nailed to the Cross by ... er, islamofascists.
    Don't say "Jews" because of blood libel, they have a lot of lawyers specializing in libel who need a lot of blood, not to mention organs, etc.

  4. I remember looking at the first pictures of the OKC bombing (in a newspaper) and saying to myself, "That ain't right!" I hunted up my roommate (I was in college) and showed it to him. He said, "That ain't right!"

    After years of diesel-nitrate bombings by the IRA and various other malcontents, we'd grown accustomed to the conical collapse they cause. However, that building, in particular, should not have even been severely damaged by diesel-nitrate, being a steel-reinforced concrete post and beam with a massive concrete facade between the first and second floors.

    Well, after watching a special that tried to show diesel-nitrate (they used an equivalent amount of commercial grade ANFO) could drop that building as it had been dropped, I now know what happened.

    First of all, what they managed to show on the special was that ANFO in any quantity would not be enough to shear the closest column to the blast, let alone any other column. The blast was mostly parallel to the beams, and the beams were tied to the columns and the facade, which functioned as a beam as well. Every other column was omitted on the ground floor. What this means is that, to destroy the building like the picture shows, the column closest to the blast had to be broken completely, preferably pulverized, and the beam on top of it driven back to break up the floor.

    This would require a real explosive. What the news never told us, but came out at the trial, was the McVeigh had access to real explosives, military grade, as there is quite a thriving black market in the stuff in the US. The use of some high-grade (high brisance) explosive with a properly shaped collection of diesel-nitrate barrels around it would make a suitable crude shaped charge that would do the sort of damage we saw.

    That being said, it is not entirely clear McVeigh had any direct involvement in the bomb, although he may have been an inadvertent patsy. Certainly, as he plead at his own trial, there were quite a few other people involved that the Clinton administration had no interest in following.

    I can also explain the twin trade towers collapse, although building seven is still somewhat of a mystery. To me, the biggest problem we face here is that there is now a substantial portion of the population that believes nothing the government says and lives in constant fear of the government making our lives more miserable. I don't care that I can explain what happened in OKC; the fact that I had to find it out myself and spent so many years knowing for a fact the government had lied has done immeasurable damage to any faith in government I might have had.

    In other words, the biggest casualty is that we have to have these conversations where we have to try to guess what happened.