Thursday, September 3, 2009

Shadows of September & A Lesson

This song is for everyone who gets that What the Hell feeling whenever they see a picture of the skyline of New York taken before the events on 9/11.
We will not forget!! This song was written and produced by Nikki Chavez.
Recorded and mixed at The
Smoakstack in Nashville

The Iraq War Song (A Lesson) was inspired by a true story of a U.S. soldier who left the army after witnessing atrocities during a two year tour of duty in Iraq. His experiences were reported in a local newspaper as well as in a public speaking engagement. At his request, I have kept his name anonymous. He has since joined the ranks of an ever-expanding league of soldiers in the 'war resister' movement, whose fight is now for truth, justice, liberty and peace. {more}

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  1. Hi Kenny

    Unfortunately, I cannot get sound on these videos. I even turned my computer off and then rebooted it to see if it was my computer but after getting sound on another video I have reached the conclusion there is something wrong with the sound on your videos. Can you please advise? Thanks.