Thursday, September 3, 2009

The War on Drugs Goes Too Far

Another tale from the "WTF" files.....

Handicapped man's Wheelchair Seized Over Medical Marijuana
CANNABIS CULTURE - A Canadian care home resident with full body paralysis was confined to his bed against his will after his wheelchair was seized by caregivers - all because he smokes medical marijuana to relieve his Multiple Sclerosis.

CHBC news reported yesterday that Nyle Nagy, a Kelowna, British Columbia man who lives at the Brookhaven care home, was forcefully removed from his wheelchair and put in bed for a week after manager Adrien Vaughan objected to his legal use of medical marijuana.

"She sent two men over here to take my wheelchair and tell me that I've got to stay in this chair for seven days, as a punishment", Nagy told the TV crew.

"To get rid of my pain and my spasms, that's the only two reasons I smoke it" said Nagy, who has a license from the Canadian government to smoke marijuana.

The news comes in the wake of a similar abuse case in Vancouver where a diabetic, double-amputee woman died after being evicted for legally smoking medical marijuana.

Source: Cannabis Culture


  1. Kanada aka Phoney cuntLAND
    Theres care 'givers'
    and 'care' that'll give ya the shivers.
    I've seen the documents involved for medical use marijuana, its quite an impressive looking stack.
    Real Canadians give...
    Vichy Canadians take away

  2. What a sad statement on the state of the human race.

    This kind of crap happens everywhere. It's just that one doesn't expect it to happen in so-called developed countries like the US and Canada.

    It's friggin depressing.

  3. "It's the only reason I smoke it"

    yeah, right...

    still, very funny story. Took his wheels cus he smokes a little pot. And you know those bastards that did it rolled up a blunt on the way home from work that day...

    what a world...

  4. Adrien Vaughan should be fired TODAY not after a review board or some other person talking to her or looking over the case TODAY.
    People like that have no buisness taking care of sick or dying people . her job is to care for people not punish them for something she does not agree with. if this had happened to a family member or freind of mine this women would not have made in to to work the next day.Someone from my family would have made damn sure she was never able to harm another person again by any means possible.There is no excuse for this happening in this day and age the patient had a permit to use.Hopefully he will be contacting a lawyer and suing this sorry excuse for a human being in to total poverty for the rest of her sorry life..

  5. We need to seriously help this guy out. Being constrained against his own will is wrong. This is an issue with Human Rights! You dont punish a grown man by taking away his wheelchair. This would not fly in the state of california. I hope this man is happy again. It looks like terrorism to me...

  6. The MD can prescribe Dronabinol/Marinol if the THC truly is effective. This way the patient's lungs are spared, no chance of accidental burns, and no one can steal it from him while he is down the driveway.