Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bernanke says we're not poor enough

Bernanke prays to his gods of destruction.

US Fed Chairman Bernanke demands austerity
In remarks Monday to a conference on Asia and the global economic crisis held by the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank in Santa Barbara, California, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke called for austerity policies to rein in US budget deficits and the ballooning national debt.
In the name of reducing global economic imbalances between debtor countries with large trade deficits, such as the US, and creditor nations with large trade surpluses, such as China and Japan, Bernanke demanded that the US government adopt policies in the medium-term to cut domestic consumption and reduce social spending. At the same time, he called on China and other export-oriented Asian countries to reduce their trade and current account surpluses by encouraging a growth in domestic demand.

Bernanke declared that Asia was leading a world economic recovery, but warned that the recovery could not be allowed to produce a renewed growth of “unsustainable” imbalances in trade and capital flows. While couched in diplomatic and technical terminology, his remarks had definite and ominous implications for the working class, above all in the United States.

Reflecting the consensus within the American ruling elite, and the class policy of the Obama administration, the central bank chief was implicitly insisting that the economic crisis be used to carry through a drastic and permanent lowering of the wages and living standards of the American working class. In essence, the United States is to be transformed into a cheap-labor center for the export of industrial and other goods to the world market. The living standards and conditions of American workers are to be brought more closely into line with those of super-exploited workers in Asia.

He neglected to note that the major factor in the explosive growth of the federal deficit is the multi-trillion-dollar bailout of Wall Street, which he and the Obama administration are carrying out.
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Austerity = slavery


  1. Did he mention the trillions wasted on these mass-murdering wars?

    You also gotta love the jerk lecturing the Chinese after these globalist pukes moved all the factories there. Maybe we could take some lessons from them via punishment of corruption, if you know what I mean. I'm starting to wonder if that is the only thing these guys understand. Without a doubt, the vilest form of life I've ever seen. Scum.

  2. I can even look at this mans face, he sickens me.They won't be happy until they turn our country into a third world type economy,don't forget we are just useless eaters.


  3. @rocker

    "Did he mention the trillions wasted on these mass-murdering wars?

    Shhhhh, don't mention the war..........;o)

  4. Nope, don't mention the wars. The Fed and the globalist banking system depend on them for that continuous cash flow soaked in blood.

  5. It is all on one page here. Shots for dummies.

  6. Bernanke spoke while nibbling on some Beluga Caviar and washing it down with Dom Perignon Chanpagne.

    The press conference that was scheduled afterwards was canceled due to Chairman Bernanke's needing to take his private jet back to NY so he could get fitted for a $8,000 dollar custom made pair of shoes.

    Chairman Bernanke's press agents said that he would issue another communiqué later in the week from his 6,000 sq. ft. mansion on 5th Avenue.

    An aide to his excellency said that Mr. Bernanke was most impressed with the WalMart work model.

    And for now, to 'Buy American' to help stimulate the economy but that the Chairman needed to buy autos from England's Rolls-Royce factory due to 'security.'

  7. This is the same man.. who, when asked by COngress if he knew where a half a trillion dollars went... and he said "NO.. I Can't Tell YOU".

    Now if I go into the local Quick Mart, and steal a 6 pack of beer... I will be presecuted and incarcerated for up to 3-10 years. But this major league asshole.. can steal a HALF TRILLION DOLLARS... and it's no big deal?

    Am I missing something here? WTF?