Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Forget "True partners and equal relationships." We run this show

It's really an easy decision for an honest leader...

Bring all of the troops home now.

Gates is playing bad cop to Obama's good peace cop. There is no dissension. It's just part of the game to continue the over eight year old foreign policy of permanent war.

On getting more troops to Afghanistan....
Defense Secretary Robert Gates is distancing himself from Emanuel's new requirement that Afghanistan must first be seen as a "true partner." {more}

Speaking to our 'allies' in Japan....
Playing hardball with its closest ally in Asia, the Obama administration warned Japan on Wednesday of serious consequences if it backs out of a commitment to allow the relocation of a U.S. airbase on Okinawa.

Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said that if Japan stops the base relocation, the United States would halt the withdrawal of 8,000 Marines from Okinawa and would not, as planned, return several parcels of land.

Gates's words, during a two-day visit here, were a blunt challenge to efforts by Japan's month-old government to carve out a more "equal" relationship with Washington.{more}

Gates talks tough doesn't he? A good counterpoint to Obama. Maybe that's why Gates was kept on because we all know there's no plan for peace in the middle east until the U.S. and Israel control everything they want. There's no plan to leave the 700 or more military bases scattered in over 150 countries. Japan may try to play as an equal but it's not to happen unless we decide it.They should know that by now.

While the deceptive games of power are played, both civilians and troops are getting blown up, as the latest U.S. body did yesterday.

The U.S. will veto any UN action on the Goldstone report. (see Irish4Palestine)...
What else would you expect? Not only is U.S. policy being controlled by segments in Israel but condemning war crimes could lead to investigations of the multitude the U.S. has committed going back to the Bush administration for the lies of taking us to Afghanistan and Iraq. CYA.

Will Gates get more troops in Afghanistan and will Obama try to look like the agonized decider that has no choice? Many Americans don't want an escalation in Afghanistan. Not that it matters much, at least at this point in time because we the people don't count.

Permanent war requires many decisions and deceptions and puppets only move as their strings are pulled.


  1. The shot heard round the world.

    Irish nurses to give the "swine flu" jab as GPs opt out
    Doctors in Berlin refuse to give "swine flu" jab
    Swiss government says kids and pregnant women should not take "swine flu" jab with adjuvant after protests
    Nurses got sick from the "swine flu" vaccine in Sweden • UPDATE - 1 suspected death
    French government unveils "swine flu" jab coupons: tool for population selection
    French government letter generates confusion about whether pregnant women and small children will get adjuvants
    Big pharma, government officials and media collude in "biggest profiteering scheme" ever, reports Evelyn Pringle
    Dr Mercola on what the media doesn't tell you about the "swine flu" jab
    Millions of Brits could be saved from "swine flu" jab summons by postal strike
    Lower Saxony says GSK is having difficulties manufacturing "swine flu" jab, delay necessary


    Dear Respected Public Official,

    We pray this message finds you in a state of calm reserve. In light of the sheer gravity and number of
    systemic issues now facing our planet, we respectfully invite you, in your role as accountable decision-
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    of your respected colleagues, this has proven the most effective way to voice the following concern of
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    Govenment-enforced H1N1 influenza vaccination is part of a global genocidal depopulation agenda
    generated by a bank-based international corporate crime syndicate intent on gaining full and complete
    control of humanity by first culling up to 90% of it with a deadly vaccination program while enslaving the
    remainder of it. Their heretofore hidden hand has been clearly shown in the recent engineered collapse of
    the global economy and now they are poised for the next step on the agenda--- human decimation and
    complete chaos potentially spiralling into bloody civil wars. We understand many minds will jump to the
    pre-programmed response of “this is conspiracy theory nonsense,” but we assure you this is all too
    horrifically real and we have a mountain of proof to show you. With your help we can stop this, maintain
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    If, instead, you choose to turn your face away and allow this evil to be done on your watch without at least
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    There need be no conscious criminal intent on your part to be so implicated, for manslaughter and
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    of the Nuremburg trials? ---“We were only following orders” doesn’t serve as a valid defence.

    We understand it is probable that you are not prepared for what may befall your community, your family
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    this planet. Call on us and we will respond.

    In Truth and Justice,
    The Concerned Global Citizens of the World.

    PS To any officer manager reading this, please ensure this letter reaches the intended decision making
    authority to protect yourself from being held personally accountable for gross negligence.

  3. Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said that if Japan stops the base relocation, the United States would halt the withdrawal of 8,000 Marines from Okinawa and would not, as planned, return several parcels of land.

    Oh-oh!! Looks like an 'al Qaeda' cell is going to be found raising hell in Japan!!

    That Jap land is OURS, we stole it fair and square and to hell with any international law.

  4. Windfall for global genocide:

    "Swine flu is turning out to be good business, bringing them a $7 billion windfall.... The global market for vaccines is projected to more than double."

    Yeah, it's all a good thing! If the man-made viruses and vaccines won't make you sick, the newspapers will.

  5. Who are they going to sell the virus too if 80% of the population is dead? I am beginning to worry about the business acumen of some of these people.

  6. I put some of this stuff in one place so it is easier to spread around.