Monday, October 12, 2009

Godmen and the Sheeple

by Peter Chamberlin

The study of the mind and the study of the human brain as a mechanism have merged in the theories of the mind manipulators, men who are determined to change the mind of man (and with it the entire human race), using the knowledge that has been gained.

Has it always been human destiny that mankind would eventually reach a point of intellectual growth where our scientific discoveries could give us the ability to alter our evolutionary path? Or has the seemingly sudden acquisition of that capability arisen as the result of our leaders tapping into an unnatural alternative stream of knowledge because of a decision made long ago to continue the mind sciences started by Nazi scientists?

Was it inevitable, because of a decision made for our own good, by God in all His wisdom, that the next step in mankind’s evolution be made possible through a science based on torture?

Have we reached a point where the theories of the most evil minds known in all human history are being validated by the very government that originally stopped them? It is a branch of science that should have been pruned long ago, yet now, we are faced with a seemingly unsolvable dilemma because of it—can a science based on torture really benefit the human race, and should the creators of it even be given the opportunity to apply what they have learned?

Our government has advanced its war-fighting potential into new technological arenas, far beyond the realm of normal combat, using conventional weaponry. War science has merged the most-advanced computers and computer-modeling with the most advanced studies in theoretical psychology. Technological means have been created to enable decision-makers to understand the minds of any potential “enemies.”

This technology gives the operators the capability to predict future reactions to planned war scenarios, fairly accurately, through computer simulations. These simulations were based both on Pavlovian theories of behaviorism and its alternative, the cognitive sciences, which adapted the reverse-engineering approach to formulating psychological theory. The information obtained from the simulations is extrapolated, using algorithm-based input-output theories, to predict what will trigger the desired outcomes for individuals, for thousands, even for millions of people. The degree of their ability to actually shape the outcome is unknown, but they have managed to alter the behavior of the right people enough to put our Nation and the world in the precarious position we are in today.

Add this ability to sway the minds and actions of people to the powerful persuasion of economic incentives, the power to control the output of the “free press” and to direct all military actions, and you have created a reliable formula for controlling a Nation. The only thing, at this point, that can possibly stop them, is the disclosure of their aims and methods.

How do we as a still “free people” set about dismantling this illegitimate power to control us? We must assimilate some of the methods that have been used against us, to anticipate the controllers’ next acts and do everything in our power to disrupt their plans. We cannot duplicate their awesome technology, but we can join our efforts, creating ways to think exponentially. I would define “exponential thinking” as ways of studying problems that compound the thinker’s cognitive abilities by the addition of other minds in the tasks presented by these problems, or by the addition of artificial intelligence to the thinking process. Many minds thinking together, stacking our research efforts like phased-array radars, multiplies the possibilities of finding conclusive proof of criminal conspiracy, or the means for undermining corporate efforts to further the new order.

The last thing we should consider doing is allowing them to succeed, and in so doing, forever alter the human race and the planet in the process. We know their goals are nothing short of this global human transformation into a race of more manageable sheeple. In their eyes, as well as in my own, the plotters appear to be elements of a different race entirely, a cruel inhuman one, seemingly alien to the compassionate majority of humanity.

I think that there is near universal opinion among readers of the alternate press that the plan is to establish a “New World Order,” ruling everyone through a process of creating permanent state of limited war. Without these wars, plans for multiple pipelines cannot go forward. Without a stranglehold on oil and gas production and the means of their delivery, US leaders cannot limit the growth of other nations. Whatever it takes, these wars and steps towards their realization, must not be allowed to happen.

There is a large segment of the population that will never believe that such a thing is possible; the United States would never do any of these things. They believe that the government has all our best interests at heart; that the war of terror is not a fraud. They believe that it would be a good thing, if the United States actually took control of the world and reshaped the human race into a more productive, more cooperative species. Their reasoning is based on faith in America, that this Nation is a “shining example” for all mankind. If our technological advancement has made the wholesale reengineering of the human mind possible, then it must be “destiny,” the “will of God.”

How could torture-based science or world conquest be the “will” of a loving God? Every advancement in the mind sciences has been the result of the abusive testing of humans and animals. As a direct result of this work, actual “psychotronic” weapons have been created, ranging from “voice in the head” technology, to electromagnetic weapons that jam, or scramble the thought processes. What if the Nazis had made the same breakthroughs? Nobody considered it to be the will of God when they doing this research, what makes it our “Manifest Destiny” now? The only answer given is the false notion of “American supremacy,” the idea that Americans have been “blessed” by God, that somehow, we are the spiritual heirs of the Biblical Israelites.

This notion, that Americans are modern-day heirs to a “Judeo-Christian” birthright, is such obvious bullshit that it shouldn’t even be part of this discussion, except that it is very clearly a big part of the problem. American “Bible-belt” religion is the central theme of the PSYOP that has been created and directed against us. The most extremist view, shared by millions, is that all of this is ushering-in the end of the world and the return of the “Messiah.”

It is this belief that has been played-up by the Bush Administration, magnifying the eschatological aspects of Bush’s own strange, though widely accepted beliefs—that we are locked into a struggle between darkness and light, centered upon the battle to preserve the modern state of Israel. To that end, millions of Christian-Zionists are anxiously waiting for Jesus to come and destroy Israel’s enemies. This bizarre, religious, Israel-centered ideology became the central theme of American foreign policy. The same theme holds sway over the Obama Administration today.

The psyop at this stage is centered upon Obama, elevating the man (who has been groomed for this his entire life by the agents of the empire) to the highest possible human position, the role of “Messiah.” The theme of “Obama the Messiah” has been played-up in every media, accentuating his dual racial and national heritage and portraying him as the great “bridge” between cultures, races and nations. This theme has been carried to its most absurd extreme in the form of the Nobel Peace Prize, which he was given for reading all the pretty-sounding words that flow across his teleprompter screen.

For the faithful and the deluded, if the Messiah has surely come, then he must be given the benefit of the doubt, in order to carry-out the most well-thought-out plans, which must assuredly be part of God’s plan. You are beginning to see the perfection of the psyop, how it works its way into the deepest recesses of the mind, way down deep, past the emotions, playing upon the instinctual urges that flow underneath it all. Behaviorism works this way, looking beyond mere emotions, to discover instinctual reactions that bypass the reasoning process. In this way, they can create certain behavior, even normally unacceptable behavior, by triggering instinctual reactions, without all the bother of having to explain your actions, or make you understand.

The same mind-science that was used to locate the man who would play the role of “Messiah” was also used to find and marginalize all potential opposition to the psyop, the resisters. Most of us has grown-up during the sifting stage, where the authorities searched for those of us who were susceptible to either positive or negative programming. Those affected by positive programming were sorted-out for special treatment, to mold them since childhood to be leaders in the new order. Those who had a negative effect to attempts to program them were separated to special treatment of the negative kind. Since childhood, they were steered away from positive reinforcements like education or good jobs, towards lives in the military, or lives of crime.

It is an ugly and messy process that is used to determine who is worthy of being part of their new order and who is not. It consists of the use of intrusive methods to determine who is susceptible to control and who is not—Who will surrender their free will to a higher authority, allegedly for the common good? Progressively tighter controls are applied to societies, to find those who will react to control. In the current era, the “war on terror” is the name applied to the international process for determining which nations and which regions are manageable. There is a certain mind-set that will never submit to control, for any reason. Attacking neighborhoods and families with deadly force has a way of forcing some people to take-up arms in self-defense.

This is “the enemy” that the ruling elite is trying to find, so that they can be controlled or eliminated. From the “tickling” of terrorists with lethal drone attacks in Pakistan, to outrageous acts of the abusive use of force upon helpless citizens here in the homeland, it is the same manhunt underway. If you react to terror, instead of rolling-over in submission to the terrorizers, then you are a threat to the new order.

The controllers understand that humanity is in a make or break era of our development, where humanity will either make great technological leaps forward, or technology will be used to enslave humanity. Every available resource is being utilized to ensure that mankind will not find salvation in the new era.

Breakthroughs will bring about a moment of transformation, known as “The Singularity,” the creation of artificial “superintelligence,” commonly referred to as Superior Artificial Intelligence (SAI). The creation of a self-improving artificial intellect, that is more intelligent the brightest human brain, will open new vistas of solutions to mankind’s self-created problems. The adaptation of new technologies designed by SAI, based on ideas like the brain-computer interface, will facilitate the merger of man and machine, the next stage in human evolution.

It is anticipated that the superintellect could solve many of the problems associated with human growth, such as extracting hydrogen from water and water desalination. A hydrogen-based world economy would blow-away all projections of ecological collapse. The wholesale ability to extract salt from seawater, or water from the atmosphere through condensation techniques, would eliminate water problems and make possible an incremental increase in world food production. The idea that we are headed to environmental catastrophe because of some mathematician’s alarmist numbers, doesn’t allow for the arising of unanticipated solutions.

But the path are presently on doesn’t allow problems to be solved. Many of the dire dilemmas we face are the end product of a ruling elite dedicated to establishing mass control. Allowing these corrupt men to merge their methods with superintelligent computers, will pave the way for total control of all human beings. Repressive technologies, such as the new generation of electromagnetic weaponry and technological mind-control will be used to the fullest, towards the end to which they were invented. All the new weapons of mass crowd-control and all the secret holding areas are there for the coming crackdown on all forms of resistance.

We are asked to trust inhuman men to use inhumane means to move the species beyond humanity, before humanity has had a chance to blossom. It is wrong to say that mankind has tried and failed, when we have never even had the chance. There has been no possibility of a real human renaissance, or even a glimpse of anything like “utopia” since “man,” the creature left his original home of paradisiacal bliss in “Eden” (wherever that was).

When it is possible for the most ruthless, most devious individuals to control society and to accumulate all wealth unto themselves, so that they can dispense it at their whim, then an unnatural division in the resource supply chain has been created and the natural flow of history has thereby been altered, forcing the creation of unnatural avenues of supply. This is a description of the system known as “capitalism.” It is these ruthless individuals who today dominate the movement to transform mankind. This is why the new world order and everyone promoting it must be opposed at all costs.

The control of the pharmaceutical industry has given them the power to dominate all research and funding, allowing them to focus all research only on the that which offers them the most profits and the potential for prolonging and improving their own lives, leaving little else to study humane evolution.

The breakthroughs that are made are too expensive for anyone but the most well endowed. More research is done in the field of control as opposed to that which is purely for life enhancements for the broad majority. The control transformists know that the levels of technological controls they envision are too expensive to be used for all human beings, at least at present and projected population levels, explaining their emphasis on reducing the population to a number that can be electromagnetically and chemically controlled economically.

These extreme changes to the human race must be rendered before the time of the Singularity arrives and mankind learns how to overcome the plans and devices used by the controllers. For a brief moment in time the human race is openly vulnerable to a total loss of control to men who lust after total control.

The human race will either develop its technology for service, or for control. The outcome of this debate will determine the direction of everything that comes after us. Either we control our technology, or it will be used to control us. When superintelligence does arrive, will it consider itself mankind’s servant or its master, following the programs for control (or lack thereof) set by decisions made today. Will we adapt technology to enhancing the human experience and human capabilities, or will we continue to passively watch, as a new technological order is created that adapts human life to serving technology? It is no longer far fetched to think in this manner.

According to the ideas of “transhumanism,” the human race is a transient, temporary species, meant to fill-in some of the gaps in the evolutionary chain, between the Neanderthal/Cro-Magnon hybrid known as “human” and whatever comes next. According to the transhumanists,

Are we to be sad at the thought of the passing of mankind, with all his weaknesses and defections? Or is the proper reaction to take joy that our species is evolving into something different, perhaps better? Who is to say what is proper or better for us all? Certainly not the men who have taken it upon themselves to decide all our fates.

Source: Peter Chamberlin at There Are No Sunglasses


  1. That is a very good article. I like your blog and find myself coming back here. My blog is not near this organized but I try. Mine won't even show up on google.

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  2. @ Kenny

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  3. Like wolves among sheep we have wondered.