Saturday, October 3, 2009

Me Irish Eyes Aren't Smiling

The Irish vote of yes to the EU just goes to show that by crashing the economy, an entire nation can be made willing to give up their independence for some vague notion of that as a collective group it will lead us back to prosperity. It seems as if the message now is 'Big Brother' will save us and if we have to bow down to the social engineering laws of the EU, well... it's for our own good and so be it.

When will the U.S. have its own vote to enter a NAO or UN agreement and eventually a one world government? As the economy continues to fail, watch for the calls along these lines. Right now things aren't bad enough and a vote wouldn't pass. That could change or it could be forced upon us with the declaration of a 'national emergency.'

My Irish ancestors would not be happy with this.

Lisbon Treaty referendum: Irish voters look to EU after death of Celtic Tiger
Ireland caves to NWO

Ireland caves in
The speculation is that war criminal Tony Blair will now become EU president instead of being imprisoned for the rest of his life.
Blair to be named EU President 'within weeks' if Irish ratify Lisbon Treaty


  1. rigging?

  2. Could be.

    Or is it possible that as in our last presidential election, if you engineer the voters well enough, especially the youth, that vote fraud isn't always necessary?

  3. I'm going to rant now:

    I'm so fecking pissed. I've struggled for the reunification of Ireland by whole life, I may just live to see it happen, something I never thought was possible. Only now when it DOES happen, Ireland will not have its independence.

    FFS all those people who died over the last 30 years and for this? That was what I was thinking as the tallys were coming in today.

    Seriously, when do you hear of an election being done a 2nd time because people don't like the outcome. Right, we no longer like Obama, so will America call a 2nd election? Bush stole an election, did they have another one? Ah, but the big powerful EU along with American compamies over here, poured money into a fear campaign and targeted the Irish who are in fear of loosing more jobs and suffering from a shite economy like everyone else is now. Lisbon is NOT the white knight in shinning armour that the govt said, just like Obama was not the shining saviour either.

    The Irish people will wake up 1-4 years down the line and realise what they have done. Even sooner when Blair becomes king of the EU. How will the irish feel about being ruled by Blair again.

    I'm done..........

  4. Please don't be done just yet Irish...

    I'm expecting a full post from you on this situation...

  5. The vote was probably rigged. I can't see the Irish just meekly giving in like this.
    Anyway, it's a TIE the way I see it. Now there is: One Referendum NO and One Referendum YES. There ought to be another Referendum to decide the winner. (In all fairness that is).RM

  6. Diebold voting machines win again. This Irish never voted for this. What they have done though is once again allow the agenst of the queen to rule over the Emerald Isle. The first hint of satanic influence was the current Irish puppet machine in power who thought this was a good idea.

    Good luck Ireland as your children go missing and you are mandated to take sterilization shots.

    Bow before the new king of EU Tony Blair.

  7. A day that will go down in infamy.

    + + +

  8. They Irish probably are awake. It is very difficult to control electronic voting machines these days. Europe's only hope now is the Czechs sounding like they don't want this thing either. We will see. The EU and the UN will fall apart I am just not sure how it will happen yet.

  9. I'm not Irish, nor am I European, but the mere thought of Blair being the president of the EU makes me nauseous.

    That animal should have shriveled into obscurity for his crimes, but instead he's being offered more and more prestigious positions.

  10. Re: "They Irish probably are awake. It is very difficult to control electronic voting machines these days."

    Both true, but mostly the vote was "sure, i guess so" because the bankers squeezed the people of Ireland. The enemy is in the lodges and the City of London and those who want all nations destroyed except theirs.

  11. Blair as EU prez and then they can install Ben 'Shalom' Bernanke as head of the EU Central Bank, which has more power than the Fed.

  12. Right, as of now Ireland consists of Donegal (who voted NO) and the entier North who WUOLD have voted now if given the opportunity. FFS I like how the free state has a fecking referendum for our future and Irish citizens WITH effing IRISH passports are NOT allowed to vote in the North.

    Cowan is fecking eejit asshat wiht his hand out for EU money off the backs of decent Irish people whom he scared the shite out of with lies.

    So, FYI Ireland is not Donegal and the Northern 6 countires, the rest belongs to Europe.

    And yes Truth, I'll post about this after another pint of the black stuff:) or three

  13. Oooops that should read:

    Ireland now consists ONLY of Donegal (who voted no!) and the North six counties who would have voted "no" if allowed to vote.


  14. Just discovered my grandfather was an Orangeman,.Don't even know what that means but will look it up. All that I do know is that he abhorred government.