Wednesday, October 14, 2009

PBS and Obama's War

The one thing I came away with from watching Obama's War was the point of view that Pakistan is the major threat and that we are giving them over 10 billion dollars in military and economic aid. According to some interviewed, the ISI is funneling money to the Taliban while others deny it.

The funding of all sides in a conflict through proxies has long been a part of the deceptions of war. It's a very useful technique to perpetuate a policy of permanent war.

See the entire documentary Here.


  1. Aussie Poofter FaggotsOctober 14, 2009 at 11:36 AM

    No one cares what you think.

  2. According to some interviewed, the ISA is funneling money to the Taliban while others deny it.

    Is the ISA Pakistan's internal security service? Isn't that called the ISI?

    Looks like someone is using a MEGAPHONE to try and drown you out.

    Your punches must be landing correctly.

    I haven't watched "Obama's War" nor do I plan on watching anymore MSM propaganda about the Afghanistan-Pakistan-Kashmir-SWAT Valley war.

    The full court press is on these days to scare Americans into cheering heartily for these wars, so I'll pass.

  3. Thanks for the correction on the mistype Greg.

    Yeah, the trolls have been out here lately but they're pathetic. Do these “hasbarats” actually get paid?

  4. Don't flatter yourself no government agency gives a fuck about bitter old white guys preaching to the choir.

  5. well anon, you finally said something that has some sense to it. Of course no government agency gives a f..k about the common folks. That includes those who are encouraging you to do what you do. But you probably don't think of yourself as 'common.'

    Your only concern is that not my choir, but the choir, is increasing in numbers faster than you can counteract them.

    And bitter is such a hurtful term to use in name calling. You guys know how to push the buttons.

  6. Anon is correct. It's not the government that is heckling you, Kenny... it's private PR firms like Burston Marsteller using their Tru-Cast system.

    PR firms are now hired to help "control the story" and manage public perceptions on the internet. Tru-Cast is a Megaphone like program that scowers the internet for key-words and topics, then low ranking PR employees try to earn their chops posing as regular people, spinning up previously approved status-quo supporting comments.

    When I was writing about the phony neoliberal "green revolution" in Iran and the illegal coup in Honduras, they had several jump all over me. Same thing when I started writing about BM.