Monday, October 26, 2009

A Short Review of 'Fall of the Republic'

There are a lot of opinions and questions concerning Alex it should be for anyone who reaches the highest commercial levels in the alternative media.

That said, Jones' latest documentary 'Fall of the Republic' is actually toned down a bit from some of his earlier works and that's a plus. This is a film that rehashes all that has happened over the last year and does a good job for as far as it goes. I can see 'Fall' appealing to those who see that things are going wrong but haven't dug very far from the main stream media. It may be something that can be passed around on DVD to those not very likely to access information on the internet and without alienating them too much. Jones spells out many of the criminal activities in government and banking that people are waking up to.

As usual for Jones, there is no zionist/jewish/israel aspect to the issues. You can make your own determination about that.

'Fall' can be a good starting point for the 'uninitiated' and a refresher course for many talking points but there's always more to the story than Jones is willing to tell. But that doesn't matter. There are many folks who can fill in the blanks and it's up to us to see that those points of view are also included in the dialog.


  1. Good review. I agree, "Fall of the Republic" is an excellent film to re-cap the failures of the Obama administration over the last year.

    I just fnished watching it on YouTube. It is an accurate documentary, but anyone who has been following the Blogs or watching the Goldman Sacs crowd, knows this is more or less "old News".

    But then again, as you point out.. there is no use preaching to choir.. we already know what is going on. It's the people sitting in their nice little fantasy world in the suburbs.. those who attend church teas and gentile discussions .. these are the people who need schooling.

    I am acutely aware that the Banking Cartel led by 'lil Timmy Geithner is rolling over us like a 50 ton tank. And I'm aware that Obama doesn't have the cajonies to do much about it.

    I could be wrong.. I hope I am.

    There are still people out there who believe that the playing field is level, and that politicians have our best interests at heart. It is for these people that I would suggest they watch "The Fall of The Republic".

  2. It is probably good training wheels for the comatose but I don't read Alex Jones.

  3. Thanks for the comments guys.

    I don't pay a lot of attention to Jones but wanted to see the doc to find out what the hype was all about.
    I know people who somewhat fawn over him and wanted to have a reply in case they mentioned it.

    Another review with a lot of comments is here...

  4. Agree with your assessment. Overall I think Jones' info is a net positive. He attacks the flanks but is smart enough not to go frontal on the zionists. He knows that being called a name is still a powerful weapon and would take the wind out of his sails and scare off half his potential audience. He has people on his show, Ted Pike, Tex Marrs, Icke etc who do go there, so I don't see him as censoring or blacking out that aspect of the nwo. I suggest adding:

    to your blog-roll. They do a 3 hour radio show every saturday evening from 7-10 ET and just hit their 5 year anniversary.

  5. Les Visible likes Alex, so what does that make him?

  6. Alex Jones: Simply Part Of Overall "Good-Cop Vs. Bad-Cop" Charade
    (Apollonian, 27 Oct 09)

    Excellent commentary and review, comrade Rusty. See, "Alex Jones'...," 27 Oct 09. Regarding ur (implicit) question, "Personally, I would have liked to have see more proof that the current financial crisis has been intentionally manufactured,...," I simply remind u the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) is by nature and definition a crass COUNTERFEITING scam (see,, and for expo/ref.), hence a fraud, ipso facto (how did u like that Latin?).

    Again, Fed is a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE, period--so everything that happens must be deliberate too, no less--all meant to be concerted, much as criminals are capable. Don't doubt these murdering Judeo-criminals--who did 9-11, and got USA into Iraq, Afgan, and now Pakistan, soon Somalia, Sudan, and maybe Iran too, have done everything ON PURPOSE--they have to keep everyone distracted with progressive, continuing disasters to keep attn off of past crimes. THESE ARE VERY DESPERATE PSYCHOPATHS, do not doubt for a second.

    Rusty, we're NOT going to get-out of all this gross, most intensive CONSPIRATORIAL activity without taking most serious casualties, don't doubt. And u're right, Alex Jones is Jew-friendly and -sympathic scum, without doubt. But note it is simply necessary that parasites will fall-out w. one another as they destroy gentile host-victim which they all have been living off of for so long now.

    Thus Jones well and ably denounces the "leftist" faction of "good-cop vs. bad-cop" Judeo-conspiratorial charade featuring CFR-Bilderberg (see and for expo/ref.) behind United Nations (UN) on "liberal" "left," led by Obama/Soetoro, Jones implicitly favoring the "rightist" Zionists and "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) "conservatives" by default, so-to-speak.

    So Rusty, we're here as most pathetic, dis-united, dis-informed, demoralized, and confused gentiles simply watching, open-mouthed, as now topmost Judeo-conspirators falling-out w. one another over the tottering, rotting corpse of previous USA empire, so fatally stricken with hubris of "prosperity," "success," and "victory," gentile people now corrupted with Mammon-worship and over-populated in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

    This corrupt degenerate activity and retro-"progress" is now carried and led by "leftists," afore-mentioned, while Israel quite worries about future with its USA sugar-daddy fading before its very eyes--what will they do without US tax-payers, soon to be horrifically impoverished within third-world status, to suck off of?

    CONCLUSION: Note USA is Israel's ONLY support throughout the world which watches Jews mass-murder everyone in sight. U just gotta see everything in all "geo-political" and socio-biologic context (for which Jones predictably fails). Meantime our gentile Christian host desperately scrambles to re-group--thanks in no small part to alert bloggers like u. Keep up ur good work. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  7. anon,
    Visible is one of my favorite writers but whether he 'likes' Jones or not is none of my concern.

    What kind of question is that anyway?

  8. martin,

    I have been aware of James Edwards' writings for a good while but have not listened to the PC show.

    I'll add the site.

  9. Mick,
    If you will let me know which of your blogs you prefer, I want to add you to the blog list also.

  10. I did watch this film, and I have to say, it's not bad... but he does leave a lot out, such as the Bank for International Settlements.. I think Max Keiser mentions it once... that is the Central Bank of the international for-profit central banking cartel...

    Jones also seems to spend almost no time on Obama's healthcare plan, and what little Jones says about it makes it seem like Obama is trying to "socialize" healthcare, which couldn't be farther from the truth.

    considering these two painfully obvious problems with his film, I chose not to put it up on my site.

    Don't you think it is odd that Jones will rant about the "evils of socialism" when it comes to the healthcare industry, but then he and several other people on this film talk openly about the need to "end the fed" and nationalize it?

    Either it is something that he doesn't understand, or there is something else going on with the film.

    and yes, he avoids the connections between Israel and the neocons.

  11. Significance Of Jones Is "Falling-Out" Of Topmost Conspirators
    (Apollonian, 28 Oct 09)

    "Willy," first among typical, usual problems w. u is u don't define ur terms (as for "socialize," "nationalize"), nor do u give references to back up assertions. Obama/Soetoro is TOTAL Marxist/communist/bolsheviki/socialist all the way to Santa Fe', as all observers agree. Too bad we can't get access to Obama/Soetoro's papers fm college, blocked by his Goldman-Sachs -paid lawyers, to further confirm.

    Once u understand Fed is simply COUNTERFEIT scam, by basic, essential nature, u ought to know everything else connected therewith is similarly tainted w. that same criminality.

    "Socialism" really is mere style which has nothing to do with the basic criminality of it all. Bush and Republicans already beat the "free enterprise" cover into the ground. "Good-cops, bad-cops" now are using the "socialist" paradigm. One-world dictatorship is the goal, comrade, wake-up already.

    Bank for Int. Settlements (BIS) is simply adjunct in very same system of central ("fractional-reserve") banks--run by COUNTERFEITERS. See above-given references. Of logic and necessity, BIS was erected AFTER the Fed and other central banks.

    As I noted, Jones is totally Jew-friendly, married to one, I understand, trying to preserve idea there are "good Jews" (Talmudists), sympathetic to goyim.

    Like I indicate above, significance of Jones, effective spokesman for "conservative" Jews and "Judeo-Christians" (though he wouldn't admit it) is there is palpable, distinct "falling-out" among topmost Judeo-conspirators. For note: if parasites destroy the host-victim they're living off, parasites suffer too.

    Further then, Jones is presently hyping a "time-line" fm Lindsey Williams (see by which USA will be significantly more weakened and de-constructed than even now, US Dollar totally defunct within two yrs--this is serious business which all evidence does not dis-confirm.

    CONCLUSION: Sad fact is we gentiles are SO horribly, pathetically dis-united and divided against one another in confusion and dissension that it requires simple observation of topmost Judeo-conspirators presently falling-out w. one another--this is significance of Alex Jones who provides excellent, verifiable details thereto. Isreal is quite disturbed to lose USA sugar-daddy it sucks off of, as I note above. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian