Thursday, October 15, 2009

The solution to our environmental woes is to end prohibition: Planting the seeds of their destruction

by chycho

The best solution to our environmental problems is to end prohibition. There is no other viable option short of the immediate end to military conflict that will have the same positive impact on the ecosystem. Our first step towards a sustainable existence should begin with cannabis. Its assimilation into our civilization is the safest, simplest, most efficient immediate solution that we can implement in time to prevent an ecological catastrophe.

Cannabis is a plant, and its use is as old as civilization itself. It has thousands of immediate and potential applications. Its cultivation rejuvenates the soil, it can replace wood products, it’s medicinal, and it can be used as building material, textiles, paint, plastic, fuel, paper, food and body care. It is one of the most important bounties of nature. It’s a plant that we were meant to use.

So what’s the hold up? The short answer is America’s “War on Drugs”. The United States started a legislative war on this plant genus almost a century ago and they do not want to give up the fight.

The war on drugs is not a war between nations; it’s a corporate war on people, irrelevant of their nationality or ethnicity. It is a war against citizens of the United States and those of other nations. It’s a war without borders. It has gone through multiple mutations and over the last few decades grown into the monstrosity that it is today. It is a one sided war declared by nations on their citizens. A conflict not reciprocated by the citizens. It is a war that is sustained entirely do to ignorance, fear, and greed.

If there is such a thing as a just war, then the war on drugs is on the other end of the spectrum. It is the most unjust war that has ever been. It is a war exclusively waged for money. Every other war throughout history has had at least one other fathomable pretence. The war on drugs doesn’t.
The irony is that this war and the destruction that it unleashes can be brought to an end within an instant, if it was so desired. All that is required is to end prohibition, to repeal one law.

We know that the end to prohibition will have positive effects for our society because precedent for this has already been set. When prohibition of alcohol ended, so did most of the violence associated with gang warfare, as did much of the corruption in government. When prohibition ended, precious resources were made available again and a major source of revenue and employment was established through the sale of alcohol and its associated paraphernalia.

These same results have also been observed in Portugal’s experiment with drug decriminalization. The United Nations has also confirmed these findings in its annual report on the state of global drug policy, and many countries have been paying-heed and following Portugal’s example. Decriminalization is sweeping through major parts of Latin America as well as numerous municipalities and States within the United States of America.

The only reason that America’s Federal “War on Drugs” still continues to this day is because its so-called adversaries, criminal organizations and certain sectors of government, don’t want it to end since its continuation guarantees them flow of funds.

All of the above is common knowledge to anyone who has remotely researched this topic, or for that matter, even thought about it. After all, who in their right mind would ever approve of a war on nature, a war on a plant, a war on a plant that’s not even poisonous, a war on a plant that is actually beneficial for us, our society, and the ecosystem? You would have to be deranged to do such a thing. But this is exactly what we have done. We have been waging a war on a plant for almost a century. We have been waging a war on cannabis that spans the globe, costs trillions of dollars, destroys millions of lives, and consumes precious resources.

On the behest of certain corporations and a small minority that profit from prohibition, we have been waging a war on a plant that has the potential to help us reduce our ecological footprint. This must be the ultimate definition of stupidity, and if it isn’t, then it most definitely is the ultimate definition of psychotic.

So, the question is; how do we end this madness? How do we end the war on drugs? The answer is that we must destroy the beast that spawned this plague. The instigator, the aggressor in this war was, is, and continues to be the United States of America. They started this war and they are the main obstacle to peace. To end the global war on drugs, prohibition laws in the United States must be repealed.
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Planting hemp seeds on DEA's front lawn

David Bronner, left, joins Isaac Nichelson. (Photo By Jonathan Ernst For The Washington Post)

David Montgomery, in the Washington Post, has a delightful article about the symbolic planting that took place Tuesday at DEA headquarters by industrial hemp advocates.

The group included David Bronner of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, North Dakota farmer Wayne Hauge, and 73-year-old Will Allen, a farmer from Vermont. VoteHemp staff were there as well.

A total of six were arrested for trespassing and will have hearings this week. The expected fine is $240.

The DEA had nothing to say.

Phillip Smith has detailed coverage of this protest, including video, over at Stop the Drug War.
{source - Drug War Rant}


  1. I am behind that one 500+%.

    After a 45 year love affair with Mary Jane, I can only say, "It is never too late, but it will always be too late for far too many."

    Three weeks and mega business had God's gift made illegal They had the NERVE to tell God that He had made a mistake!

    Henry Ford's first attempts at vehicles were made to run on hemp products. The ships that brought our ancestors here were powered by and also utilized hemp. Every bill of money you see is made of hemp.

    It has health benefits. It has chemical attributes that scared the profit motive of so many chemical companies. Specifically DuPont at the time.

    It terrified the forestry business. Imagine, no killing forests, high turnaround, strong paper, just too much for them to handle.

    And of course big pharma was terrified of the healing abilities.

    The booze companies. wellllll, don't get THEM started on the evils of the weed! Just one more thing I hold against the Bronfman gangster family.

    Millions of people are jailed for having this gift of nature. WRONG.

    Me? I just liked coming home after work, kicking back, loosening up a little, so that I could be an all around more attentive human being and Mother to my kids.

    And since our goddamn Harper came in to kiss the American butt, they are getting more stringent up here as well. Thank heavens, no one watches old ladies unless they flaunt it under the nose of the local upholder of all that is Honorable and Good,.. er the cops.

    The DEA plays this game because there is more money to be made from illicit materials. It is good business for the incarceration business, the mental health and therapy businesses, etc etc etc. It makes more money being illegal than legalized.

    And that, folks, is the bottom line. Money.

  2. Noor, 40 years ago if someone had said that marijuana and hemp would not be legal in 2009 in the U.S., we would have told them they were crazy.

    I also thought at that time that by now non-meat eaters would be be near the majority...that holistic and herbal medicine would stand side by side with the corporate medical system...that we would would have world peace...that the truth of the JFK assassination would be mainstream... on and on...

    We've been wrong so often on the timelines of change but we've always been aiming in the right direction.

  3. as Agent Castillo pointed out, now victim of phoney weapons prosecution, cocaine is flown in by the DEA check out MadCown News for crash Homeland Security plane full of cocaine - - lower than whale shit most cops