Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Al Qaeda Air Force

Gulfstream II qaeda's nice ride ...

Hardly a day goes by without a new twist in the 'tales of al qaeda.' This time it's U.S oblivious to al'Qaidas aviation network.

Reuters gives us the 'leaked' report in Al Qaeda linked to rogue aviation network.
The document warned that a growing fleet of rogue jet aircraft was regularly crisscrossing the Atlantic Ocean. On one end of the air route, it said, are cocaine-producing areas in the Andes controlled by the leftist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. On the other are some of West Africa's most unstable countries.

The report, a copy of which was obtained by Reuters, was ignored, and the problem has since escalated into what security officials in several countries describe as a global security threat. {more}

Now every drug smuggling, automatic weapon needing, branching out into other areas criminal gang is teaming up with al qaeda. Even Hezbollah is getting in on the action.

It's a good cover story for the CIA and banker dope racket. Who knows, maybe some of these smugglers are getting a little too uppity and cutting in on the profits? Always remember the old saying 'the government hates competition.'

And why not use taxpayer money to eliminate the competition? Nothing like a global security threat to get the funding flowing.

While we're spending and losing trillions of dollars in manufactured wars feeding the banker/military industrial complex, Haiti appears to be pretty much destroyed. Our government won't spend very much to help rebuild it unless it's in our interests. They're hoping and pushing for the private sector and other countries to give.

Maybe we need a military base there? That will help the effort. And we can never have too many staging areas in case we want to invade anywhere in South America. That 'al qaeda air force' is getting to be a problem.

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  1. right on kenny. watch for links between west africa, hezbollah, drugs, and the palestinian refugee camps in lebanon....and al qaeda of course....all linking back somehow to south america, preferably venezuela. meanwhile they come from the north too maybe at the olympics....

    damn wily terrorists. you'd think the nsa would be on them or something, huh?

  2. Good post at your site pez. I thought it would be a fitting link here. :-)

  3. Those look like CIA rendition planes. Maybe Al Qaeda is turning in themselves for torture.

  4. I think I saw one of those 'al Qaeda' planes.

    It was a biggie, and couldn't read the lettering very well, but I think it said 'aL FORC NE."

    I don't know Arabic, but I bet that plane was carrying Obama Ben Laughing!

  5. yes, thanks for putting it up. i have been working on it for weeks so good timing.

  6. Executive inteligence Re-view...
    HELLO! its 2010 lol


    I was just gonna post that over here Penny!

  8. Off topic Kenny, I just read, what I could stomach of it anyway, I only got as far as the strychnine part, Ingogman's latest contribution to the blogosphere and all I can say is WOW! That guy makes anyone who tries to get the truth out about the Zionist agenda look like a bunch of stark raving lunatics. Now I am all in favor of free speech, would never think of censoring anyone, but I would really think twice about linking to him, it may do more harm then good. That last topic was really off the deep end.

  9. Haiti has discovered a rich gold vein they say. They will get some help.

  10. I think the whole Al Qaeda thing is just a CIA scam. The reason being is I was blogging about public corruption and was slamming the Governor in Connecticut and wrote the FBI in Washington DC about how Governor M. Jodi Rell committed election fraud with her staff. I was then placed on her "arrest on sight" list widely distributed to State Police.

    So, if a citizen who exercises Free Speech gets more ink on a secret police memo for their agenda, and if there is no targets of any hate groups or who would intend to do harm, the groups are infiltrated and the system is out to go after those who expose public corruption.

    Try doing a word search on "Steven G. Erickson". I posted part of the police memo obtained through the free of information act on my blog the Stark Raving Viking. Link in this blog along the side panel of Kenny's blog to my blog.