Thursday, January 21, 2010

Democrats Breathe a Sigh of Relief

The real winners in the Massachusetts senate election of Scott Brown were the democrats.  Many of them were facing a backlash going into the 2010 elections but now they not only have someone to blame for their failure to pass some of their criminal scams but also can back off for awhile in pressing the agenda. No telling how many dems will keep their seat because of Brown's vote against the health care fraud.

Maybe congress will not feel the need to continue some of the controversial aspects such as cap and trade and immigration 'reform' and hope their constituents will have short memories as to some of the things they pulled in 09. Perhaps laying low will be the dems tactic.

Banking reform is a safer nonpartisan issue that Obama is now attempting, although it's hard to believe anything  he's pushing is really in the interests of the people especially when Paul Volcker is one of the architects. Will we even see an 'audit the fed' full congressional vote this year?

As usual the two parties will find common ground on a few things; 'national security,' military funding and war. Few in congress will challenge that.


  1. I'm starting to think I understand why Brown won. Without their 60 vote supermajority in the Senate, now they can wait a few weeks and then press the House dems to vote to support the inferior Senate bill as it so that the revision doesn't have to go back to the senate.

    the story line is already shaping up in the "progressive" blogs that they should go ahead and pass the senate version so that it doesn't have to go to the senate where someone can filabuster.

    this way they get to pass the version of the bill that the insurance industry wants, and they can cover their asses by saying they had to pass something rather than letting it go back to the senate to get busted by the republicans.

    that may be why she was so quick to concede in an election run with no exit polls and 25% of the precincts still having not reported when she did.

    like mccain in 2008, she was designed to loose to provide cover for the House dems to pass the inferior senate bill.

  2. Sadly.. NO ONE wins in this situation. The American people are caught between the ball-less Democorps and the Fascist Repulicorps.

    We live in a Checkbook Republic. AIPAC calls the shots... and everyone jumps. Obama can not even wipe his butt without the permission of Rham Emanuel and Joe Lieberman.

    Sadly.. it can only get worse for everyone from here on out.

    Martial Law and Blackwater on every corner... you think I'm kidding?

  3. You may be right willy. We'll see. Pelosi is saying now that there is not the votes in the house. It's hard for me to see dems whose seats are on the line voting for the senate version.

    Liber8tor, I know you're not kidding but I do hope you're wrong. There would have to be a trigger for martial law and whatever it might be would have to be something big ... and very bad.

  4. Learning To HATE Is Necessary Survival Skill For War
    (Apollonian, 21 Jan 10)

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  5. Brown won because of the way he addressed the issue that really matters the most: