Monday, January 4, 2010

The New Tower of Babel

What may well be seen as the world's most decadent symbol of the oil age opens today

Speculation is that it will be a ghost tower in the sky. A monument to excess, it personifies the heights, or depths, the wealthy elite will go to. Built on the backs of laborers making $5 a day, the total cost is thought to be somewhere around $1.5 billion.

In perspective, the cost is less than it would have taken to legally demolish the asbestos laden twin towers of the WTC, a fraction of the cost of the US war machine each year and half of the free military aid given to Israel annually. Looking at it that way it's a bargain but it's still a worthless piece of greed destined to fail.


  1. A friend of mine went to Dubai eyes wide eager to make his promised 100K a year. Within 2 weeks he was back eyes wide with terror, wouldn't talk about it,,, I assume he barely made good his escape.

  2. Just wondering when the "terrorists" bring that one down. Will it look like this?