Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Scott Brown - Vetted and Approved by ...

Israel and AIPAC of course ...

Hidden beneath the media hype of Scott Brown as the 'savior' fighting against some of Obama's policies is the fact that he is just another warmongering Israel first lackey.

His election is touted as a referendum against the Democrat controlled Congress and their excesses and he may give a few token votes of opposition but in the areas of war and empire he will be in lockstep with the two party war machine.

A thirty year National Guard veteran, now a  lieutenant colonel who has never been deployed to a war zone, he has used his uniform as a photo op to show he is tough against 'al qaeda' and Iran.

The bankers will surely love him and he will love them back. He's a part of their class, owning 5 homes in New England, and a timeshare condo in Aruba.

Brown doesn't have much experience in politics but I'm sure his friends at AIPAC and in the military/industrial/CIA complex will take him by the hand and lead him through the minefields.

Without even a single day as Senator, there's already some 'Brown for President' calls. There will most likely be more as he gets extensive media coverage. Maybe a Palin/Brown partnership?

Thanks Massachusetts, once again you give us someone who will keep the 'war on terror' chugging along.


  1. I voted for third-party Independent candidate Joe Kennedy, Kenny. Brown came out for waterboarding and was screaming that "Al-CIA-Duh' was in our shopping malls and we were at war in our airports. I condemned it on the blog, but NOT ONE DEMOCRAT in this state stood up and challenged any of it.

    I don't want to go on and on here. The Democratic dictatorship in this state has ruined us in so many ways. I view this result as a sign that the Democrats have completely failed. We "elected" them to end the wars and check Bush; they did nothing of the sort and gave him everything they wanted. As for Obama, hard to believe there was all that hope and optimism in the country a year ago. I guess continuing George W. Bush's presidency will bring you down.

    What's even more troubling is the closed-mindedness of my Democrat friends. You even say the word Republican to them and you can see the door closing in their eyes.

    Of course, I'm not much of a Republican myself. I'm a Ron Paul supporter, and persona non grata at the town meetings.

    Sorry I couldn't do better for you.

  2. You did what I would have done Rocker, vote third party.

    I was just listening to local right wing talk radio and three straight callers were blasting the fraud of the two party system. The host tried to smooth it over by saying the two parties were in the best interest of the people by being able to checkmate each other. He wasn't very convincing. I think more and more people are waking up but it's a slow process.

  3. A politician is going to save us! Put your faith in candidate xyz ® but only after he is approved by the real owners.

  4. Looks like the 'Chosen Ones' had this election no matter who won or stole it.

    Martha Coakley criticized for accepting Anti-Defamation League award

    And where's the nonstop news cycle on that mass murderer in VA? Last name Speichter? Hmmm. If his name was Mohammed, FUX and CNN would be all over the guy.

  5. Thanks Kenny for the honorable mention and putting a link to my "Scott Brown for US President" post on my blog. Well, the first one to punch in the war of bloggers and the all important "word search" means lost of hist and the word getting out. I figured I would be the first to the punch.

    I just checked my ratings on and I am #17 in the world for US politics blogs. This is out of about 8109.

    If you check out my link to the "Scott Brown for US President" link, I talk about a Mass police officer raping a baby with a hot curling iron and Atty Gen Martha Coakley trying to cover it up, George H. W. Bush as a member of Murder Inc. paying a drug lord $100,000 in taxpayer funds while overseeing assassinations, drug running, and empire building.

    I intend to have the indoctrinated members of both the Democratic and Republican parties looking at the link, and then ... surprise ... there is a whole lot of other stuff I want them to see. I have videos and proof of what a scam our current government, courts, and policing is.

  6. Coakley an ADL “Woman of Valor.” Now that's funny...

  7. How Long Regime Of Lies Suffice For Over-Populated Gentiles--A CYCLIC Detail In "Decline Of West"
    (Apollonian, 20 Jan 10)

    Kenny: u do good work for this exposition on Brown election. But I didn't entirely "click" for the real significance until I just now saw this headline at Rivero's,

    "Obama's lost senate seat is a victory for Netanyahu."

    So again it's confirmed what Democrat-Republican charade is really all about, the "left," led by Obama and CFR-Bilderberg (see and for expo/ref.), against the "right" led by Israel/AIPAC/"Judeo-Christians."

    Not only this (above) about Dems-Reps, but even Libertarians too are controlled by Jew finance as we see fm Ron Paul and his sort.

    And this Jew-dominance by means of money then is the way it's gonna be and remain till the money-standard/currency is completely, totally destroyed in a few more months and we're left with plain bartering, no gasoline or electricity, not even water running--like Iraq, God forbid. Lord have mercy.

    Poor people are going to suffer and perish on large scale, I suspect. But the more people grasp things in CONCRETE fashion, as opposed to the same old ABSTRACTIONS which only confuse, the better their chances of survival and even then revival.

    So once again crux problem is criminal COUNTERFEITERS (see and for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed] fraud) at top dictating things to demoralized, dis-organized volk, confused and bewildered--such then is nature of present regime.

    Weak-pt. to Judeo-conspiracy then, again, are Judeo-Christian (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists, as I've pt'd out over and over, who say Christ was Jew (hence Talmudist). Fact of course, is Christ was foremost anti-semite (anti-Talmud, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13).

    But Kenny, who, I ask, is it really who fail for the public discourse and analysis?--it's those, I submit, who cannot work w. the cultural aesthetic which involves that Christian mentality and idiom--WHICH EVEN THE JEWS UNDERSTAND THEY MUST ATTEMPT TO TRADUCE AND CO-OPT, as they've done so brilliantly w. JCs, who in turn affect all the rest of the populace w. only very few exceptions.

    For just behind the Christian aesthetic-cultural facade is the ultimate TRUTH VS. LIES issue which is at the real heart of things political. "What is truth?" asked Pontius Pilate (Gosp. JOHN 18:38), never forget.

    Who then will ultimately prevail?--those who offer best picture/analysis, put in most CONCRETE language, regarding love/honor/respect/reverence of TRUTH, vs. hatred of lies.

    So there we have it: Jews are at the top w. all the money, weapons, food, etc., even as their little COUNTERFEITING game evaporates in the minds of all the people they rule and dominate in all the various degrees.

    CONCLUSION: So just remember the ONLY "revolution" or real "change" is going to be in getting rid of this regime of lies, liars, frauds, and criminals, hence Jews, hence then Jews' collaborators among gentiles (like JCs). Then the CYCLE of civilization can be started all over again till the next spike in human over-population, bringing in yet another influx of Jew parasite disease-of-opportunity. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  8. I can't seem to get this onto any web sites.

    The headlines should read :
    They are all looking for something or someone to Blame.
    This is the message:
    they have all been to college!
    college is a brain washing!
    obviously college only teaches how to build a racket and don’t rock the boat, cause if you do you will not have your credentials to practice. It is a brain washing.
    all of our leaders, right now, never before in history, are college educated! And look at what they are doing.
    We should enact an amendment to the constitution that would require 50% of our leadership to NOT be have been college educated. Not a bad idea really.

  9. Google this article, "Terremoto experimental" de Estados Unidos devastó Haití

    then change it over to English and see what you think.

    Maybe there is an explanation for why the Haitian earthquake didn't cause any damage in the Dominican Republic.

  10. Heads, they win; tails we lose.

  11. Rocker et al,

    All of these 'Anyone But Bush' 'Anyone But Clinton' and Code Pink and Ron-Paul-Revolution and Tea Party movements are ABSOLUTELY USELESS and if they just result in another Dem-Rep government.

    The only thing that has any chance of success would be a non-partisan, non-ideological movement to vote 'Anyone but Dem-Rep".

    No need to get into left or right or any sort of philosophy. Just urge people to look at all independents and third parties, whether far left or far right or Christian or atheist or joke candidates or one issue fanatics or pacifists or whatever -- just in general encourage any and all non Dem-Reps to run, and encourage voters to vote for them, even if it ends up as just a protest vote -- until the majority of citizens realize that Dem-Rep is just one puppet party. If there's someone you admire in either wing of Dem-Rep, let them know that you like what they say but you'll be treating them like the plague as long as their affiliated with Dem-Rep.

    I really believe this is the only way America can ever become a representative democracy again.

    + + +

    And one criticism of 'third parties': often they expect to just stroll into the White House without laying down years of groundwork in towns and counties and parishes and states. When the rot is so deep there won't be any quick fixes.