Sunday, February 7, 2010

"America is ready for another revolution"

But first we have a game to watch, beer to drink and a few messages from our corporate sponsors.

Maybe tomorrow ....

Sarah Palin's speech last night at the Tea Party Convention received world wide media attention according to the world wide media. It was the slow Saturday special. Apparently it was such a for profit success that there are plans to have another one in July.

It was typical Palin. Republicans good, democrats bad, yeah troops, we love war and the standard swipe at Obama for being a teleprompter puppet.

But there was some humor for the masses as Sarah was caught reading off her low tech teleprompter, crib notes written on her hand

Whatever works ....


Update: From Glen Greenwald via American Everyman, it seems like Sarah doesn't mind showing her Israel first persona. And to think that there are some who would vote for her to have her hand on the nuclear weapons button and to send our kids to more war for Israel.
[Palin] had on three opera-length strands of pearls, two white and one multi-colored.  [O]n her lapel, a small pin with two flags -- for Israel and the United States.
Here's a photo. She also wore the same pin on her Fox News interview.
You can't be president without being vetted by Israel and AIPAC. Wearing that pin and talking tough against Israel's 'enemies' may get her in the door towards the presidency but a Palin vs Obama race only means that the American people lose, Israel wins.


  1. An Evangelical Christian who's clueless about foreign affairs, is petty and mean-spirited and has trouble stringing together a sentence.

    Just what we need for prez, a female version of GW Bush.

  2. One Big Ass Mistake America. Not that the Repukelican branch of the one corporate/eternal war party is any better. Is it time to learn some Mandarin yet?

  3. We get great choices in our elections. Would you like a neocon with a D or an R after their name? You can have any incompetent nincompoop you'd like so long as they swear on a stack of Bibles to put us into the service of Israel. As stated above, Sarah Palin is a female GWB. Completely unqualified to be president, but perfectly qualified to be Israel's latest sock puppet.