Saturday, February 20, 2010

Criminal Traitor Alexander Haig Finally Dies

Former teammates Haig and Kissinger discuss old times in 2006.

In America corrupt military and political figures like Haig get to live out their lives in freedom instead of paying for their crimes in a prison cell.

The bottom line is that Haig helped orchestrate the killing of an untold number of people across the world including tens of thousands of U.S. soldiers in Vietnam. He played key roles in the Nixon, Ford and Reagen administrations that contributed greatly to the decline of America.

Good riddance.


  1. Whew was beginning to believe the ZioCons had attained 'everlasting life'
    Now confirmed they are mere chemically-kept-alive BORG
    susceptible to molecular gross malfuntion and de-assimilation.
    See you in hell Haig.

  2. You both (poster and commenter) are part of the reason why liberals get such a bad rap. Your hatred makes you despicable and you ought to know you represent liberal America. This country won't progress anywhere good with hatred spewed forth the way you've spewed it here.

  3. Liberal Joe,
    Didn't know I represented liberal American. You learn something everyday.

    FYI, I also consider liberal Obama and his crowd war criminals. No hate, just objective facts.

  4. How is HATE even RELEVANT to this SUBJECT?
    I find it impossible to even force Crocodile tears for MURDERERS.
    Why is when accosted by police nothing GOOD I have done appears on my background check??
    OYOy the illiberality of the land which supposedly worships FREEDOM.
    Word verification 'spines' LOL

  5. Once I was having a smoke out my window when a Crow swept in and proceeded to plunder the nest of a Robin just yards away. Took a couple pot shots at Mr. Crow and away he went to never return. A couple weeks later stuck my head out and the mother Robin corralled her babies right up to me to show them to me... I was stunned and instant tears flowed. Even birds have superior intellect to most humans.

  6. lol at liberal Joe...he must be new here...:-)

  7. "I don't care if they march and protest so long as they pay their taxes." ~ Senator Haig, may he roast the long roast in the eternal fryer.

    Crude as it sounds, I will howl at the moon with joy when the scumbucket maggot ridden Kissinger oozes out of our ozone. There are some people you don't bother to hate any more, just feel repulsed and know they will get theirs soon enough.

    I look at images of him picking his nose to find lunch and eating it... dozing at events... look at his filthy misshapen essence and wonder how on earth he can imagine he is of a superior species! down... too many more to go. But old man death comes for everyone. I am just glad I won't be in the same place...if you believe in such a thing.

    I love your robin story. Did you know crows have funerals? They actually do!

  8. BTW Liberal Joe I am not American so don't worry about how my words effect the thoughts of others.

    When a man has done as much damage to humanity as this Haig thing, people are going to spew. I am sure he thrives on it alive or dead.

    I just hope he ends up in the Talmudic Hell they wish the rest of us to land in!

  9. incoherent gibberishFebruary 20, 2010 at 10:51 PM

    Insert worthless comment here.

  10. Your hatred makes you despicable and you ought to know you represent liberal America

    Uhh, Tailgunner Joe, didn't you get the memo from apparatchik Glenn Beck that says party members are now supposed to substitute the word progressive for liberal and spew forth?

  11. is it me or are the trolls out in force lately?

    good sign.

  12. "spew spew spew"

    That's the sound of a ronnieraygun on Buck Rogers.

    "spew spew spew"

    so you're a liberal now, Kenny? opps. I mean... a "progressive"?

    I guess that puts me somewhere left of Chavez, huh?

  13. re Crow funerals
    Was driving across Alberta one day and in the distance spotted a perfect circle of a full dozen Bison. Upon driving by discovered they were all standing around a dead Buffalo with his legs splayed up in the air. RIP MR. Buff

  14. Meathead from 'All in the Family' is my favorite liberal. Liberals make such good victims.

  15. This country won't progress anywhere good with hatred spewed forth the way you've spewed it here.

    So Liberal Joe, I am to surmise that this country :progressed: only during the time of compassionate conservatives like the Nixon/Reagan/Bush/Bush regimes? And somehow, we cannot go forth, not even into the wilderness as punishment, because of a short, but factual recap on the life of A Haig?

    I'm not sure how Kenny truly feels about the new title you have bestowed on him (Spock raising eyebrow).

  16. Haig was involved in many secret societies. His promotion thru the military ranks, my understanding as ex-military, had alot to do with the family he married into ... big in the Catholic Retro secret societies etc. As one commentator stated, although I wish evil or death (there really being no death just change of form, reincarnation is a proven fact) I am always happy to see some of these mass murderers like him and El Generalisimo of Chile etc. kick the bucket after their lives of luxury built on the bones of the poor and dispossessed. (Soon,if not now to be your average American idiot who watches 7 hours of the boob/propaganda tube a day and has no idea of the food shortages and martial law ahead). Not a liberal or conservative just looking for honest patriots, none in Congress, Ron Paul maybe but I have questions if he is "the final setup alternative" they always control both sides, all sides, that's the dialectic, that way you never "lose" just humanity does . . . . oh ya, knew people who knew Haig, egomaniac all the way.

  17. Any ideas what might have been in his hand when they pried it open?
    The key to Fort Knox?
    The Great Seal of The United States?
    A vial of Stem cells?
    A map detailing Ron Paul's motorcade routes?

  18. good, glad he is dead, fuck him and the new world order.I hope Kissinger is next.

  19. Do most people even wonder about what happens, much of it is classified, if a president goes off the deep end? Is it as portrayed in liberal movies, the president pushes a button and the bombers and missiles fly? Do people understand that Haig was part of the loop that prevented Nixon from doing something rash like the Tail Wagging the Dog? It's hardly treason but who cares about the constitutional definition of treason? Unfortunately, Haig didn't keep his mouth shut but he did end his presidential aspirations.

    However, if I recall wasn't it Democratic liberal presidents such as JFK and LBJ who expanded the Southeast Asian War Games in which the liberal MSM made sure we took second place? Didn't a Republican end the Vietnam War? BTW, wasn't it liberal Democratic liberal/progressive presidents who promised peace but took us into WW I, WW II, the Korean War, and damn near WW III as well? And which conflict was the last entered into in a constitutional manner (hint: FDR)? And didn't a Democratic Congress give aid and comfort to communist guerillas in Central and South America going so far as to divulge TS info resulting in the shootdown of a US reconnaissance plane? Didn't John Kerry as a Reserve Naval Officer collaborate with the N. Vietnamese during wartime? Didn't Clinton give the Chinese sensitive missile and guidance technology which was subsequently used against the US in return for foreign campaign donations? Are such acts treasonous?

    I'm not saying we weren't justified in fighting the wars mentioned; just that if liberals/progressives want to improperly use the words traitor and murderer shouldn't they at least be consistent and apply the same to Democratic presidents including Wilson, FDR, Truman, JFK, LBJ, Clinton, and Obama? Weren't the first three Democrats each responsible for far more deaths than all Republican presidents put together? Again, as a non-pacifist I'm not condemning them.

    Yet why is it so many liberals claim conservatives are the intolerant haters, racists (merely for disagreeing with a Black president), and warmongers when by a far margin liberals/progressives/communists engage in ad hominem vitriolic, even murderess sounding, attacks on those who won't toe their socialist plantation line? I might even ask, with all the TPM demonstrations, how many were arrested for or committed violence? How many liberals/progressives attacked TPM demonstrators? Should we prosecute a TPM protester for stepping on the grass while lionizing a SEIU/ACORN thugs for beating up TPM protesters or a NBPP member/vote observer trying to intimidate White voters? Does it even matter?

    I'm just asking what I believe are pertinent questions and am willing to discuss them in a cogent and erudite manner; without vitriol, hubris, or prevarication. As for truth in advertising, I'm just a Hispanic, conservative, registered Republican (not for long though), fundamentalist Christian, and retired disabled vet who owns Bibles and guns. I guess that makes me a domestic terrorist against the Fatherland, oops, I mean Homeland, right?

    So when do you liberals/progressives set up the psikhushkas, gulags, and killing fields? After all, aren't you wishing ill for conservatives, neoconservatives, Republicans and like good Jacobins calling for the heads of members of the previous administration? Could it just be that many liberals/progressives are not only poor losers but also poor winners wanting retribution and elimination of opposition?