Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Drama Propaganda for Ratings ~ Local TV Goes to Islamville

Nothing like the hint of a Muslim 'terrorist training camp' right in your backyard to boost ratings in February sweeps month.

Nashville's WTVF uses a year old discredited video called Homegrown Jihad that mentioned a Dover TN trailer park out in the sticks where 'radicals' are supposedly preparing for terrorist attacks in the homeland.

The 'brave' reporter from Channel 5 explores the Muslim community that has been there since the early 80's from a helicopter and from inside the local sherriff's patrol car. And what did he find? Well, nothing. But he was able to stir up some of the media brainwashed Islamophobes who see a terrorist behind every rock, reinforce the idea that they are the enemy who need to be rounded up and sent back to where they came from and of course cheer on the 'war on terror.'
Part 1: Video Claims Terrorist Train In Tennessee Community
Part 2: NewsChannel 5 Crew Visits Islamville Compound

It's bad enough that the national media is inundating us daily with the psyops of war but now the local news plays to the lowest common denominator of fear and hate through their 'investigative' reporting. All for ratings, all for the almighty dollar. I'm sure the pentagon and the CIA appreciate it.

Channel 5 should stick to weather forecasting. At least occasionally they get that right.


  1. Kenny,

    Is this a TN blog?

    If so, I cannot believe there is another realist in TN with me.

    Good on you.

  2. I live in middle TN. I just couldn't pass on this bit of insane 'journalism.'

  3. I'm from Hardin Co.

    Nice to meet sanity in TN, for a change.

  4. In the Summer, we chase after pot growers and get big bucks from the DEA.

    Other times, we chase after Muslim boogiemen and get Big Bucks from DHS and the FBI.

    Damn, but it's a good time to be a cop.

    Just don't ask us to go after real criminals, hells bells, that's too dangerous.

  5. hmm ... if they ever decide to investigate what goes on within israhellville .. ratings will fly off the roof!

    sucha jewcy opps juicy country! ;)

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