Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Equal Opportunity

The latest war news that women may soon be able to serve on submarines and 'officially' be assigned to front line combat roles is seen by some as a great step forward in 'women's rights.'

I'll preface this by saying that I have always been in favor of women having equal rights in all societal aspects to men. Education, work opportunities, politics, pay ... sure, there should be no discrimination.

If a woman wants to show her stuff and kill or be killed right alongside the propagandized men in the military, so be it. Let's not stop them. Free will is always best but let's not encourage them, especially with lies.

My question is why would women want to be equal opportunity killers. Others my disagree but it always seemed to me that women have an innate sense of nurturing life and an aversion to war that historically takes their men from them and leaves their children fatherless. That's not to say that women should be kept barefoot and pregnant but modern day social engineering has attempted to destroy a woman's deep seated feeling to protect life. When that is gone what's left, a barbaric society where the feminine balance to masculine aggressiveness ceases to exist?

Let's not forget that we men would be proud to stand side by side with our women in the protection of our homes and country if violent attacks upon us were real and not the lies and brainwashing of our imperial 'leaders' and media to create enemies in foreign lands. Women have fallen for the scam just have the men.

You might look at it as a continuation of the Israelization of our society and military.

Fighting wars for Israel and U.S. hegemony demands both genders fulfill their part.

Fortunately for the military; unemployment, poor education and the increasing destruction of the traditional family have created an underclass where some women see few options other than the military. Leave the kids with someone else, go to war and maybe it will work out. Sometimes it doesn't.

Just this week, Tennessee Army National Guard pilot Billie Jean Grinder, 25 years old of Gallatin, was killed in a helicopter crash Sunday in Iraq, the first woman Guard member to die there since the war began.
"She loved to have a good time." "She had tattoos and liked going fast and doing things that other people might see as dangerous.

"She had absolutely no fear.

"She was also the sweetest, kindest person you could ever hope to meet."
Equal opportunity to voluntarily bow to our profiteering warlords and to die in vain.

As the old cliche goes, "You've come a long way baby."


  1. Just shows you how well the propaganda machine works,so I guess I'll have to rephrase one of my favorite lines. As long as there is man or woman there will be war.

  2. Another Orwell moment........
    .........And.........were done.
    Word verification 'tredn' LOL

  3. Then the fem-thuggish music of GaGa, bezonce, Spears, madonna etc, the ambassadors of a sterile robotic existence.

    I see the Gaga thing demanded to wear a strap-on at a photoshoot in the last couple of days, as no-one knows [ cares] if she's hermaphrodite

    Anyhow the fighting gals who make it home and have kids, based on the psycho-problems of vetrans from previous wars, gonna be great mothers


  4. Further Israelization of the armed forces:

    "On Monday, Senator Joseph Lieberman said he would introduce legislation next week to repeal “don’t ask, don’t tell.’’

    That agenda has also been getting a big MSM push lately. My take on that (and the redefining of roles for women) is despite the allegedly soaring recruitment, etc, the military needs every single boot it can get its mitts on. Being overstretched doesn't help when you are planning another invasion.

    For the record, I don't care if gays want to go and die for lies and empire like the ladies and really do not care how this issue is resolved. I am just as mystified as you as to why they equate this particular vocation with "equality."

    Hope the winter is easing up a bit for you down there. Just got our real first pounding of the year here yesterday. About 1400 people in the county without power. Looks like sloppy slush for the next few days.

    May Peace please reign on this planet soon.

  5. I had a few choice words to say yesterday when my wife got word that her cousin, 20, had joined the military. And he had a good job working at a hospital. His family was thrilled saying it would 'make a man out of him.'

    How do we overcome this kind of mentality?

    We had a 66 degree day Sunday Rocker but it quickly dropped down below freezing and some snow flurries the rest of this week. No real end to it in sight. It will be the latest early garden I've ever had.

    Global warming huh....

  6. Also, the women mentioned in this post who died in Iraq has local county ties and is being praised in the local media as a hero.

    Another military woman just up the road from me who writes a weekly report from Iraq on a local website said she was shaken by her death but that it was "part of god's plan."

    I just have to shake my head and go on.....

  7. For me it is a sigh. Stay warm and well.

  8. Holden A. BevaridgeFebruary 26, 2010 at 6:09 PM

    Russian women fought with great courage during world war two but that was to stop the nazi war machine not insure halliburtons profit margins. My father was in the army for 30+ years. The best thing he ever did for me was pulling me aside at 18 and saying he would kick my ass if I signed up.

  9. I'm already sending the same message to my grandkids that your father gave to you. They are 16 and 12. They will not sign up.


  11. I was a female Marine and I resent this article, as it is too quick to impose gender roles and stereotypes. I know plenty of men who are more nurturing than I am. You are assuming that all women are the same and you are wrong.