Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Legendary historian Eustace Mullins dies

Legendary author of hundreds of books and pamphlets demolishing the lies of warmaking mainstream media, historian Eustace Mullins died Tuesday, Feb. 2, at the home of his caretaker in a small town in Texas.

Mullins, who would have been 87 in March, suffered a stroke three weeks ago in Columbus, Ohio. He had been on an extended tour of his admirers for much of the past year, visiting and chatting with many of his thousands of fans who jumped at the chance to buy his books from him in person.

The author of such incendiary books as “Secrets of the Federal Reserve,” “Murder by Injection,” and “The Curse of Canaan,” Mullins was harrassed by the FBI for almost a half century, and had one of his books burned in Germany in the 1950s. These stories are recounted in one of his books, “A Writ for Martyrs.”

A protege of the imprisoned patriotic poet Ezra Pound, Mullins compiled a well-researched corpus of works that detailed the passage down through time of a hereditary group of banker killers who have essentially ruled the world from behind the scenes since ancient times.

“Eustace Mullins was the greatest political historian of the 20th century, and not just because he was not beholden to the power structure that deters candid reports about significant events, but because, guided by the greatest poet of the 20th century who was imprisoned for broadcasting for peace, his meticulous research eventually uncovered virtually every political secret of the last 400 years,” said Internet essayist John Kaminski of Mullins’ passing.

“It’s a pity so many people are afraid to believe what Mullins told them, because it was much more of the truth than has ever been seen in our schools or our media,” Kaminski added. {source}

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  1. Sad, sad day for Truth.

  2. indeed it is. kenny thanks for collecting these links together.

  3. An irreplaceable fount of knowledge.

    Mick here I haven't logged in.


    By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor
    I am sick and tired of what I see around me, like most Americans. Trillions of dollars and thousands of lives and we have more enemies, with better weapons every day. Every time I listen to the news or pick up a paper, what I am told is either less than half truth or entirely a lie. Every time I open an email or hear from an American swearing an oath to stop seeing our country stolen from us, I find they are getting paid off by the same people who pay off the reporters, the politicians and, I am beginning to suspect, pay the people who dress up and play “terrorist” to keep the whole lie going.
    It’s all a lie, all of it. Everything that is on TV, everything said by a “group” with fancy email and lots of expensive, well paid “fatass” writers, everything we hear from a “pundit” or TV talking fool is all paid for. We aren’t paid. If we still have food, money for a dentist or to keep tires on a car, we are doing better than average. Why then are millionaires telling us how bad things are? It’s simple. Lying to Americans is a growth industry. Paying the liars is a group that would see this country burned to the ground if the money was good enough. Who are we talking about? We are talking the bankers, the Wall Street scammers, AIPAC, the “televangelists,” our defense industry, every lobbyist in Washington and the two crooked political parties that have turned Washington DC into a “disneyland” for thieves.....

  5. Oddly(?), his obituary didn't make the Boston Globe. I was watching for it. Plenty of Jewish obituaries though.

  6. I didn't see his obituary anywhere.

    I suppose to the controlled media, the man and his message never existed.