Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mysterious Deaths of 9/11 Witnesses

The deaths mentioned in the below video are speculation and most likely will never be proven but there is a history of mysterious deaths of those who could talk about crimes and conspiracies involving the highest reaches of the political elite.

The debate here lately on the sanctioned assassinations of U.S. citizens is really nothing new. The killing of political opponents and threats has been standard operating procedure for a long time.

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"When I first met the President, he called me 'Pablo,'" Wellstone jokes. "That lasted a day or two. Then they started trying to figure out how they were going to get rid of me." - Paul Wellstone


  1. To that list I would also add former Missouri guv Mel Carnahan, who perished in one of those mysterious airplane crashes when he was running against John ASScroft for the MO Senate seat.

    It didn't work, people still voted against ASScroft by voting for the dead guy. ASScroft lost and the sitting guv installed Mel's wife as Senator.

  2. You can also include John O'Neill, the guy who knew the most about bin Laden prior to 9/11 and who quit the agency because he said the administration was hindering his investigation of him.

    He was hired to work security at the World Trade Center just two days prior to the attacks and his body was found in the rubble.

  3. Yep, since O'Neill was investigating the USS Cole attack and developed leads that led to Israel. When John passed that info onto our Yemeni ambassador, Barb Bodine, she became alarmed and tried to get his security detail yanked. That didn't work, so she appealed to 'Bloody Maddy' Albright to pull him off the case.

    Albright not only pulled O'Neill off the case, she shipped him back to the States where he became disillusioned with the FBI's investigation of the Cole attack, resigned and was hired by Jerome Hauer of KROLL associates, who were providing 'security' at the WTC.

    O'Neill started working at the WTC a few days before 9/11 and died that day during the false-flag.

  4. It still remains a question, whether or not he was actually killed that day or whether his body was placed in a closet in the building that morning. Jerome Hauer is the one who IDed is body. They said there was only "half" of it. I imagine they probably killed him that morning on the way into work then left his body in the building on a vacant floor. There was no way they were going to take any chances that he survived like the vast majority of the people in the towers who got out that day.

  5. FEMA sent a photographer to "document" the site of the WTC esp. the building that fell by itself, which housed the largest CIA operation outside of Langley. Unfortunately for him, and the consprirators, he found the CIA Vault which should have been full of documents and debris - - clean as a whistle. i.e. they knew it was coming - - he is in hiding overseas hoping not to be murdered by his own Government, Mossad, MI5 etc. CIA knew the attack was coming and cleaned out their vault, what else do you need to know? He was not "in" on anything and too bad for him he discovered something that shows who did 911 - - CIA Cowboys, Mossad, and British "Intelligence -- we all know and they know we can't do anything about it b/c our government is the most corrupt in world history. Soon the famine, and viruses etc. will begin brought to you by your friends in Martial Law the USA Congress and Execution, er Executive Branch. 60 million killed by Bolsheviks (Jews) Council On Rome (sp?) wants population below 500 million, so this time billions to do away with, Israel can lead the way they are the premier terrorist nation w/USA backing - - all insane criminals running the "system" too bad for them glitches occur even to the "best laid plans" fk em.

  6. So tell me all you patriots what are you going to do about all the Evil deeds you all so bravely Type away at your keybords LOL! can you imagine our founding fathers typing ? just talken about how the king kills his own people? you all are a bunch of pussys i am ok with my gov! just the way it is!! i hope they get all of you VIA your IP Address looks like your days are #

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