Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tennessee's "Safe Access to Medical Cannabis Act."

Finally the local media covers a proposed medical marijuana bill for our state.

WKRN Nashville 2-16-10

The bill is certainly not perfect, marijuana should be totally legal for everyone, but it is a great improvement over what we have now which is prohibition and criminalization. The proposed cost of $60 per ounce to patients sure beats the high cost in California and elsewhere.

The issue of legalizing medical marijuana is both progressive and conservative so there really should not be any heated debate between concerned citizens. Only those who have vested interests in the pharmaceutical industry and the police state prison system that bottom feeds in the 'war on drugs'  would dare to make any attempt to deny relief to sick people, especially under the guise of 'morality.'

All freedom minded Tennesseans should contact their representatives and firmly recommend that they pass this law.  HR 2562 and SB 2511.

Let's not mince words here. Legalizing medical marijuana is the first step. Other steps will be the legalization of industrial hemp and cannabis for personal use including growing. It's called states rights and the feds have no authority and need to stay out of it.

Bernie Ellis, one of those interviewed in the above video, has a story that is documented by Jim Ridley and the Nashville Scene. It's a human interest tale of someone who valued principle and compassion over their own personal security.
A proposed medical marijuana bill considers both suffering patients and a sick economy
Bernie Ellis's seven-year nightmare with the law is over - but his advocacy of medical marijuana burns hotter than ever
Marijuana Martyr

also: Sen. Marrero on Medical Marijuana Bill: "The Courage to Do the Right Thing"


  1. Legalize a substance that has NO serious side effects, that relieves pain, helps glaucoma patients see, helps cancer patients maintain an appetite and is relatively cheap?

    From the same people who say it is verboten to import cheaper Canadian drugs?

    Hell Yes. It's the "Boston Tea Party II," only this time it's about our inalienable right to chose a med of our choice.