Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Terrorist Tales

Occupying terrorists in Afghanistan  attacked a convoy of three minibuses carrying 42 people, all civilians, killing at least 27 including women and children. It was the third coalition strike this month to kill noncombatants.

No arrests were made, no indictments will be forthcoming.

Oops, says U.S. terror General Stanley McChrystal and he added that the foreign forces are in Afghanistan "to protect the Afghan people."

Financial compensation in desperately poor Afghanistan is at least one way to alleviate distress and show good intentions, military commanders say.

The American units carry a list that gives guidance on payouts:
The death of a child or adult is worth $1,500-$2,500, loss of limb and other injuries $600-$1,500, a damaged or destroyed vehicle $500-$2,500, and damage to a farmer's fields $50-$250.

Meanwhile, it is announced that the number of  U.S. soldier pawns killed in Afghanistan has reached 1,000 and that in duration the Afghan war fraud has become the second-longest in American history surpassing the Revolutionary War and second only to Vietnam.

In some good news for the occupiers, few poppy plants have been killed or injured in the rebranded war now called  "Operation New Dawn."

Back in the U.S. an Afghan man, Najibullah Zazi, the "'Beauty Parlor Bomber," has pleaded guilty to terrorism charges in what is said to be an attempt to blow up subway trains in NY.

No trial, the  plea agreement with Zazi is under seal. No national security secrets can be exposed that way so it's very convenient for the controlled story.

Zazi said he was recruited by al Qaeda in Pakistan when he traveled there intending to join the Taliban, and had discussions with al Qaeda about "target locations" in the subways. That means he met with the CIA or their friends.  They found a dupe to set up.

Terror for the U.S., both at home and around the world is such a lucrative business. It's just about the only one we still have that has potential for growth.


  1. I have some cousins that work for Boeing in St. Louis.

    They completely believe, almost religiously, the 'official' 9/11 narrative.

    Try and bring up some inconvenient facts about 9/11 and they'll look at you like you're an escaped lunatic.

    They once said they'd pray for me.... and pray the bombs keep dropping so they won't lose their lucrative jobs.

  2. Similar to a boss I had in 2004 who hated Bush but voted for him because he was good for the military side of the business.