Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Military KNOWS Israel pulled off 911

the full interview with Mark Glenn ... March-15-2010

Dr. Alan Sabrosky, former director of studies at the US Army War College says that the military brass now know that Israel and those traitors within our nation committed the 911 attack 

Expect a False Flag Terror Attack to Precede Invasion of Iran 
The next step will be a staged “terrorist attack,” a “false flag” operation as per Operation Northwoods, for which Iran will be blamed. As Iran and its leadership have already been demonized, the “false flag” attack will suffice to obtain US and European public support for bombing Iran. The bombing will include more than the nuclear facilities and will continue until the Iranians agree to regime change and the installation of a puppet government. The corrupt American media will present the new puppet as “freedom and democracy.”

If the past is a guide, Americans will fall for the deception.  {more - Paul Craig Roberts via Revelations}


  1. Kenny, was wondering what you thought of this...kinda interesting...

    Ahmadinejad talks with Jews in New York

  2. That was shocking. I have been waiting and hoping to see any signs of life from those sworn to defend us, but that was still shocking.

    Those military people are in wholly occupied country. They cannot trust each other, the system or even their phones. The Israeli surveillance state it extensive... who are you going to call, the FBI, CIA or DoD? Ha.

    I believe they had the means, motive and opportunity to do 9-11. Even scarier than that is what it implies as to what else they have done.

    The time has come, our last chance to resist. Who would have ever guessed the US would be the underdog? For myself, I limited my hopes to us wrenching the tentacles from government, security, media, banking, etc., and leaving Israel to support herself.

    I am still stunned by the level of betrayal. The idea that they could claim discrimination even as they put together this assault on the very same people they demanded give them safe harbor.

    What interesting times we live in.

  3. QB, Ahmadinejad has always allied with anti-zionist jews I think. Why not, it gives him credibility that he not anti-jew but anti-criminal.

    anon, interesting times? Isn't that an old Chinese curse. Maybe everyone in all time periods thought they lived in interesting times. Whether ours is more intense I don't know.