Sunday, March 21, 2010

Over 7,500 Traitors

That's the number expected to attend this year's AIPAC conference, March 21-23.

While there they will get some talking points from war criminals and psychopaths Tony Blair and  Benjamin Netanyahu. Hillary Clinton also will speak before the faithful that will include many members of the Senate and House.

AIPAC brags how they have so many non-jew dupes and deceived Christians attending.
You might think that Israel is strictly a Jewish issue. But with a quick look around the Washington Convention Center during the next three days, you'd see that the pro-Israel movement in the United States is growing more diverse each year. Jews and non-Jews, religious and secular, African Americans and Latinos-all of them are here to show their support for a strong U.S.-Israel relationship.

 In addition, 50 pastors and church leaders are attending the conference, which for the fourth year in a row features programming specifically designed for Christian supporters of the Jewish state. A panel discussion this afternoon called "Friends of Faith" will examine the roots of Christian Zionism and explore how pro-Israel Christians and Jews can work together in the political arena to strengthen Israel's security.
Even more incredulous is the 'theme' of this year's treason fest.
The theme of this year's conference is "Israel: Tell the Story." Conference programming will highlight the many facets of Israel-an innovator, a Jewish homeland, a light unto the nations and much more.  
There's a lot of talk about a rift in US-Israeli relations but it's most likely Lights, Camera, Distraction. The Lobby will put the pressure on to make sure no US taxpayer money and armament welfare to Israel is disturbed.

AIPAC is a foreign agent and spy agency. They have bought and blackmailed many in Congress and the administration. Federal officials cower at the threat of loss of their jobs or worse if support for Israel is not given.

AIPAC's Orwellian doublespeak and actions are a sickness imposed on the American people. Let's just call it as it is .... AIPAC is treasonous and those that support them are traitors.


Medea Benjamin of Code Pink says they will protest and try to disrupt the conference. That's good but until CP opens up on 9/11 and Israeli complicity in the attacks, we'll still look at them with a wary eye. 

Benjamin says in the video below:
"And then there's just a parade of congresspeople who go through there {AIPAC}, it's like they continue to bow down to this organization that supports the worst militaristic criminal activities."
Actually Medea, it's not 'like' they bow down, they do bow, real low.



  1. AIPAC brags how they have so many non-jew dupes and deceived Christians attending.

    When Israel made a gift of a personal jet to Jerry Falwell back in 1978, other Pentecostal and Evangelical preachers and leaders took notice and some wondered how to get some of that gravy.

    Over 30 years later, we see the results.

    And here's where it gets good, some of the money that's been stolen from Americans Wall Street pension funds and 401k accounts that MADOFF to Israel over the years gets kicked back to bribe these dupes.

    How sweet it is!

  2. Yes, what GB said. To revisit the roots of Christian Zionism, review the emails between Jack Abramoff and Ralph Reed as they shamelessly used the Christian right and black churches.

    Before the election you couldn't find a black person on CNN. But now, after the vows have been said, it will be shoulder to shoulder with AAs and Latinos against those awful white tea baggers - you know, the ones CNN and MSNBC claimed where using racist slurs instead of covering their protest and the reasons WHY they were against the health insurer's bailout?

    The AIPAC treason continues but now it's "diverse".