Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Race to the Top

Tennessee has historically been ranked near the bottom of the 50 states in education but it has won the first lottery in stimulus money in the 'race to the top' program. A one time $500 million grant that's been based on how well the state will follow the federal 'guidelines.' After the money is gone, any programs implemented will fall to state funding.

Some of the reports are hinting that professional corporate 'educators' will get a chunk of the money to go in and help the schools. It sounds like the beginnings of a 'corporatist' public school system using the strong arm of the feds to set an agenda.
In selecting winners, the education department used a complicated scoring system that weighted everything from states' willingness to track student and teacher performance, adopt uniform standards, and turn around or close their worst schools.
"Obviously, when they're dangling a carrot of half a billion dollars it doesn't hurt. Especially when we're scrambling for every penny," said Jerry Winters, director of government relations for the Tennessee Education Association. 

Teachers were leery of the proposed reforms, particularly the idea of using the state's massive data tracking system to evaluate their performance. In the end, Winters said, seven years of trust and cooperation between the union and the governor's office persuaded them to buy into the reforms.
 How will the state's $500M grant be spent?

I'm going to go with the idea that when the federal government gets involved in local education by dangling carrots in front of cash strapped states, it is not totally in the best interests of the children. The 'Obama reforms' will have a price.


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  2. I remember when Obama was asked how education could be a federal and not a state matter, he started talking about his alleged visit to a school (in Alabama was it? Mississippi? I forget) where their wasn't one single computer and the roof was leaking.

    He never did explain why that's a federal matter.

    + + +

    Btw, on Cohenopposition to the Tennessee Marriage Protection Amendment, and his "amendments to the amendment, all of which failed, including the proposed addition of an adultery clause":

    Crafty bastard. Opposed it because he's in favour of queer marriage, but didn't want to say so, so instead he pretended that his opposition to the act was because he thought it didn't do enough to protect marriage, and so he threw in some dumb time-wasting smoke-screen amendments that had no hope of ever passing.

  3. a good picture of German boys, you've found here, from the time when education was positive. Schools had a long tradition from Wilhelm v.Humbold, Pestalozzi.and many others. It was the idealism of teachers and educators that counted.
    Today as in the US, it is always a matter of finance, and why do Jews play any role in Christian or folkish education, is a problem Christians have to be warned about.. the most negative idea is that holocaust teachings: absolutely negative and destructive.

  4. Somewhat off topic but you might want to know. I don't think Americans are going to catch on to the vaccine scam before millions of children are destroyed.


    "Another child in Tennessee has became ill after the second dose of the Swine Flu Vaccine. The two year old male child received his 2nd dose one week ago. Previously, he was healthy and playful. He developed a low grade fever afterwards, which is a normal reaction to a flu vaccine. As the week progressed, he started to have pains in his left arm, despite the shot being administered in his thigh, and did not use it during play. The mother of the child even stated she did not know why she allowed her child to receive the vaccine, and the father thought it was all hype. Despite warnings from their parental intuition, they submitted their child to a toxic vaccine."

  5. maybe you will post this

    What it means to be a Jew in one and a half minutes