Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ruby Ridge Investigation - Sept. 6, 1995 C-SPAN

Go to the 52 minute mark in the video for Randy Weaver's testimony.

The subcommittee heard testimony about the 1992 FBI shootout at the cabin of Randy Weaver and his family in northern Idaho that resulted in the deaths of Weaver's wife, son and a federal marshal. Senator Craig, while not a member of the Judiciary Committee, made a statement as the "home state" senator. The door of the cabin with a bullet hole in the glass was displayed. Testifying about the events for the first time in public, Mr. Weaver said he was the victim of a vengeful government campaign. He believed his wife was shot intentionally. Earlier this year the FBI agreed to a settlement in Mr. Weaver's civil suit against them by agreeing to pay $3.1 million to the family.
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