Tuesday, March 16, 2010

When Good Sites Censor

One of my favorite sites is Daily Paul. It's been an open forum and a very large one for those who appreciate freedom of speech. Always lots to agree and disagree with, just as open communication should  be.

But lately a couple of subjects have been seen to be divisive to the dialog. The owner of DP, Michael Nystrom, thinks it is in the best interests of his site to censor some of the most interesting and thought provoking posts concerning 9/11 and Israel.

To me these two issues, the false flag 9/11 and Israel's actions and influences, lie at the root of many of our current problems. Obviously many others at DP think so too judging by the threads there.  

Yeah, trolls/provocateurs are a problem at DP but that's everywhere and I've found if you just ignore them they'll go away. And if people don't like certain topics, well ... just ignore those too. It really should be a case of  'we're all on the same side here and no need to agonize over minor differences.'

What made DP relevant was it's diversity of topics and not being afraid to go down some less traveled paths as I thought the Paul message did.

Two of those paths are now seen to be divisive and not worthy of 'safe' consideration.

Sort of .... 'Gotta get our side's politicians elected and be more mainstream. Otherwise the big media may call us kooks and alienate potential voters. The political system can still work if we all agree.'

I'm not all that sure that tactic will work. All the truth as we know it at this moment should be told and debated.

Here's the latest DP thread on the topic of censoring.

Warning! Censoring topics will cause harm to the site and Movement.

Dear Michael,

There are uncountable number of throlls all over the internet whose job is to disrupt blogs and other websites, and get websites to censor themselves for negative mentions of Israel.

It is not easy to maintain the integrity of a site and still allow free discourse; I know that the throlls and shills will play both sides of the game to cause disruption till they cause the break of integrity and achieve censorship.

The Daily Paul already has good posting rules in place and only needs to enforce to ensure proper discussion of any topic. It does not need to censor negative discussion of just one county. Just imagine what doing that means!

The negative aspects of targeting just one country for censorship, are too many to mention. But from my experience there will be great disruptions to the site if you decide to unjustly target just one country.
The comments are varied  and telling. Mr. Nystrom responds:
Censoring is necessary in order to remain focused.

The mission of this site is to promote Ron Paul and his ideas.
Among these ideas are individual liberty.
911, and related topics tend to be divisive and take the community off message. 
Nystrom has all the right in the world to control his site as he wants. I just happen to think it's not in either his or the truth movement's best interests to limit the discourse. The Daily Paul should not be a garden variety alternative site to say, the Huffington Post. They censor the same topics there don't they.


Here's an article that was linked at the DP Sunday that got a lot of people going, both those sincere and the trolls. I guess it got a little too heavy and was censored. It may have been the so called 'straw that broke the camel's back.'
Israel Did 9/11, All the Proof You Need


  1. I used to comment at Nystrom's Bullnotbull site years ago and found that if Israel was mentioned the thread would be swarmed by Zionists and Israel apologists. "Peak oil" was a dear issue for these folks, something they were quite keen on promoting.

  2. Gunther O' Hoolihee MacgillicuddyMarch 16, 2010 at 11:58 PM

    Good selections of articles/essays K.S. This southbound handbasket were all in traces back to 911. Look into who owns the sites and blogs to find out who is the censor. Free thinkers are very dangerous. Questioners of official stories are heretics.

  3. I checked out 'Mikey's' link and he sounds pretty mainstream to me.

    The political system can still work if we all agree

    JA, mein Fuhrer, but agree on what, to censor any questions about 9/11? And BTW, 'Mikey,' if you haven't noticed, the system is broken

    Here's a quote from an article by 'Mikey':

    I don't want to control your life, or coerce you into thinking that I know what the best path is for you.


    Only want to control questions about 9/11.

    "Peak oil" was a dear issue for these folks

    Speaking of, yesterday, I drove up to my brother's, about a 4.5 hour drive.

    I couldn't help but to notice all the new or recently remodeled quick shop fuel stations, all with at least 8-10 pumps (some with more.) ready to go...

    Even at 4 am, they were damn near all open and waiting for your business.

    If you're selling a product that is running out, would you be putting up more locations to sell your product, or cutting back the number of locations to help control the price?

  4. Classic Orwell. From 'welfare reform' to 'war is the norm'
    The 'enemy' is busy breeding within the castle walls.

  5. Nope ... still don't get why people love Ron Paul so much. He's been around for a long time, and you don't stay around for that long without knowing how to play the game as it were. I have believed for a while now that he says enough to keep people thinking he's a good guy but not enough to "rock the boat".

    Sorry he's not someone I think anyone should follow or put their trust in.

    [And he's a mason as well isn't he?? There's that youtube video of him shaking hands on tv with an interviewer (can't remember who it was) ... but there was a definite masonic handshake going on there :-D ... oh and what he says about 9/11 ... well he should be ashamed of himself if he is really a truthteller ...]