Friday, May 7, 2010

Cleaning Up

Mayor Karl Dean of Nashville said the cost of damages from the weekend of record flooding will likely exceed $1 billion.

Nashville  drying out and cleaning up photos.

BP oil spill cost for the Deepwater Horizon clean-up could total at least $12.5 billion.

Meanwhile, the U.S.Congress is considering a bill to vote for it’s annual $3 Billion assistance to Israel’s IDF.

Money that doesn't exist except as forever debt to the Federal Reserve.

While tens of thousands of US citizens work to clean up the destruction that has and is occurring in our land and on our shores, Israel uses its influence to continue to clean out what is left in our pockets.

Isn't it time to take care of our own and force Israel pay for its own land theft and destruction of lives? Without our money perhaps it would stop.


  1. The time to cut that shity little country loose and make it pay it's debts is long past. That shitty little country will continue to bleed the US dry until the people of the US stand up and say Enough, but we all know that will NEVER happen. So until that shitty little country is turned into a smoldering slag heap nothing will change, get used to it.

  2. If EVER Obama has a chance to stick it where it should go, it is NOW.

    Does he have any idea of how refusing would boost him with the people? Not that I think he cares all that much. But for him to go on with business as in the past is truly just NOT the way to go! The eyes of the world are upon your country at this time.

    Only Americans on the whole know just what is truly thought of this illegal criminal state. Oh, and my fellow Canadians who are even BLINDER than yours.

    DO IT OBAMA. Grow a set of your own cojones and deny the (insert word of your own choice here)this money they want to steal from you.

  3. I think it is a toss up as to how many Americans or Canadians would choose to stay inside Dr. Parnisiss's Imaginarium mirror.

    They will sit on their kentucky fried asses until the African rift opens up and issues a final judgement on the mideast process.

    The only difference I see in the U.S. and Canada is Canada openly claims the queen as monarch and allows the Americans to still think they won the war.

  4. Kenny,
    I worked in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina down in Mississippi, New Orleans and other parts of Louisiana. The EPA has put a further hamper on citizens just trying to go on with their lives after a national disaster. I blogged on the subject today on my blog about the EPA requiring a $600 class for contractors, painters, electricians, plumbers etc. If they don't take a class and work after April 22, 2010, they can be fined $37,000 and snitches are paid $5000 to turn those helping after a disaster or just working to get by.