Saturday, May 1, 2010

Distrust Rising

Over the last few days I have been surprised by a number of local people who are saying that the BP oil rig explosion and spill was not an accident but deliberate.Their ideas are it was an inside job of some sort to keep the price of oil up and going higher.

These are not folks inclined towards conspiratorial theories, at least not in the 9/11 and wars for lies vein. But when it comes to oil and gas prices and the possibility of the oil industry killing their own and creating an environment disaster for a long term agenda, they are open to the prospect.

Whether the 'event' was actually an accident where all the 'fail safe' measures failed or something more, the suspicions of some seem to me to be an example of the growing distrust of government and corporations among the population.

Even if the rig disaster was an accident, the Hegelian Dialectic of problem ... reaction ... solution is coming into play. As Rahm Emanuel would say "You never let a serious crisis go to waste."

Did Someone Blow Up That BP Oil Rig

Bad Boys, Bad Boys: Obama Sending SWAT Teams To Inspect Gulf Oil Rigs

10 suspects, and motives as to why the Gulf oil spill was an inside job
Yes I know… Not everything is a conspiracy, but I don’t let that stop me from theorizing, especially when a certain incident has so many beneficiaries. Sure, as Rhambo Emanuel is famous for saying… “Never waste a good crisis” – good enough, except this crisis in many ways places some oily egg right on his face.

While is possible that this TOO was just another example of “incompetence” or Mother nature fighting back… We owe it to ourselves to fully analyze the situation, its players, and beneficiaries.

Consider this a starting place for reasons that the Gulf of Mexico oil spill was an inside job, and go from there. My point is not to convince you, but to make sure we aren’t missing anything by simply buying in to the Media version of events. In fleshing this all out I will be counting in two columns. Who stands to gain, and who had a motive and opportunity.

Whats fishy here is that all the witnesses have vanished! 11 people BTW (there’s that pesky 11 again). There is no surveillance video evidence, even though we are talking about billions of dollars sitting offshore. Surveillance cameras at the BP gas stations, but not on their oil rig? Yeah… there were no cameras at the Pentagon, or at Oklahoma City either… wink wink.

Here is the list of suspects, not particularly in any order.

1) ENVIRONMENTALISTS. “Eco Terror” is a fact of life, For decades some of the most radical and dangerous groups have been environmentalists. In a way its hard to blame them. Most of the planet has been polluted by the Kleptocracy for decades. Through mind numbing propaganda, the environmental movement have been conditioned to believe that if drastic measures are not taken ASAP… Were all gonna Diiiiiiiiiiiiiie! (This “Movement” was started interestingly enough by the same people who own BP, see below)
So its no wonder they capable of doing anything to save the planet.This includes targeting “capitalist” oil rigs.
(If I believed as they do, I might be just as capable of same.)
They have a motive. The question is, do they have the means. It would have been an incredible feat, but with enough planning, people and bravado… It could be done. I tend to lean very low on this one though. The collateral damage to the environment should rule them out altogether, and it would take a commando style raid on the armed rig. While its possible, it’s not likely. Count on them to exploit the problem just the same.

2) OPEC: The global economic war is a serious one with players from every ideology. OPEC stands to gain as this incident will effect the price of oil, supply and demand. When you loose millions of gallons of domestic oil, who do you go to to make up the difference? Yep.

We should also consider that an increase in off shore drilling, if it catches on, could cost OPEC 100’s of Billions annually. (We all heard Obama a few weeks back promising to do more drilling. Was that just pandering? See below) Therefore if OPEC could throw a monkey wrench into the works by causing a conveniently timed disaster, would they? Sure. Could they?

They have a motive. As for the means, they have that too.

The problem with pinning it one them is its too obvious, and it would be too much of a risk for them to attempt. Also the US (as Iraq) is a member, so…. would the US purposely attack themselves? Ok, dumb question. Still – I rule out OPEC, but will explore some of the members below.

3) Shrimp and Fish (IE: Food) cartels. (Today, the US harvests over 650 million pounds of shrimp a year, more than any other country. And still this is not enough to fill the need, in spite of shrimp-farming. The US imports yet another 200 million pounds a year. )

Yeah, yeah Its a stretch. Obviously the price of a shrimp cocktail will be out of site for the next few years. While the cartels do stand to gain, have access to this part of the world, and the money to make it all so… Its just too out of the realm of reality. (We can keep in mind that many on this list cross pollinate, and have some of the same owners!)

Our hearts go out the the families who will lose their livelihoods while the cleanup continues. 

4) THE SECURITY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX: Always looking for new people to protect, and tied in to some of the most nafarious groups the world over, the SIC could definately befefit from the Oil Rig Distater. I would guess that someone already had the contract to train the men and protect the rig. Well they failed, and a new player can now move in on the territory.

many companies under this banner can easily make something like this happen, but I am betting that the group holding the current contract stood down to make this happen. (unless a drug cartel was responsible) Whatever happens you can bet that all rigs will up their security after this. Cha CHING for the SID!

5) RUSSIA / VENEZUELA AXIS: The economic enegry war has been waged from the west on players like this. Like OPEC, they always stand to gain when oil becomes scarce. No doubt they cheered when they heard the news! Oil futures have been artificially high as of late and I attribute that to some back door negotiations with the US.

Russia obviously has the know how (tetonic and exotic waeponry) and would do the deed if they were sure they wouldnt get caught. It lays them out for FULL ON retailiation though. This is why I would have to rule them out for now. Poke the Tiger and get your head bitten off.

6) BP: Would BP attack itself? Uh … the 7/7 underground bombing is London says YES. What would be their motive?

Higher oil prices which might be canceled out by the bill for all the damages? No… the only reason for their involvement is… ha ha EVERY CUI BONO IN THIS ARTICLE. They ARE the environmental movement, They Are western / global intelligence. They ARE the drug smugglers. They are the economic hit men!!!! This makes BP a prime suspect, at least for a stand down and a cover up.

7) GULF DRUG CARTELS: One of the things that Mike Ruppert did best was to blow the whistle on how offshore oil rigs were being used as a drop, and ship for Cocaine and other elicit drugs. He implicated Halliburton (KBR) in doing so (see below)

The theory here is that the Gulf Cartel(s) wanting to wipe out the CIA / MI6, et al competition and strike a blow to the oligarchs in the process. The cartels are militarized, well trained, and extreme. They have the funds to buy whatever was needed to blow the rig and get rid of the witnesses. They have to be in consideration for prime suspect at this point, but it would have been a HUGE risk for them.

8) GLOBAL INTELLIGENCE / CIA:This would run as a opposite to the benefits gained by Russia and Venezuela, OPEC etc… The prime target would be China in this regard. The shadowy world of economic hit men has been detailed extensively by Jim Norman (the Oil Card) and John Perkins (Confession of an economic hit man) Unlike the environmentalist movement, GI doesn’t care one whit about collateral damage. People get hurt by them all the time. They might even want this kind of Chaos and distraction. If you analyze it, this theory probably makes the most sense. So they have the motive, the track record, and the resources to pull it off. Top suspect IMO.

9) HALLIBURTON: These guys, like Bechtel.. are very powerful. So powerful in fact, that they can escape blame for the spill, and turn it into huge profits. While they should be considered a perfect accomplice to Global Intel groups, they would not likely be the masterminds. This is because they are doing everything they can to keep a low profile, after years of bad publicity. They would play a part, but not chance much more.

10) DNC / SOROS / AL GORE / FOB’s (OBAMA’S BACKERS) “Spill baby Spill” will now replace “Drill Baby Drill” which should cripple and pro drilling America first style energy policy previously sloganized by Aw Shucks Sarah Palin and crew. This would mean that Obama’s announcement to increase off shore drilling was a well timed ruse they had no intention of following through on. That’s done now, and so is anyone who wants to use it as a political weapon against cousin Barry and Crew.

Obama backers can see this and the Mine tragedy last month as a win for their “Green” energy cabal. Of course they have all the tools necessary to not only pull this off, but to cover it up. They have to be considered prime suspects. Their actions going forward will either give them away or vindicate them. We are watching!!!

The coming months will bring events that make it much clearer as to whom was responsible, and why. In the mean time we should be questioning why British (beyond – LOL) Petroleum is drilling off the coast of the USA! Also… Why is Louisiana one of the most poverty stricken states in the US, while they have all those resources? {source - Jack Blood}


  1. In the mean time we should be questioning why British (beyond – LOL) Petroleum is drilling off the coast of the USA!

    We should be asking why BP had meager SOP's in place to deal with this tragedy and why their response was even less than meager.

    All of their PR showing the BP symbol inside what looked like a green flower has been exposed to show the real BP.

  2. It seems to me -measuring reality from my small lifetime (60 years and anxiously counting) narrowly focused on my own life, the pervasive trend is that science, funded by government and business, is intent on messing with everything it can get its dirty fingers into -before they get those same fingers (or someone else's) cut off by the whirring blades of an infinitely complex and entirely unforgiving reality.

    That's what is going on in the Gulf of Mexico right now. The scientists of the petro-chemical industry have again gotten their immoral fingers wound up in the whirring blades of reality.

    Unfortunately, this immoral incident is neither singular -nor is the damage restricted in any sense to the fingers of the immoral scientists.

    This is going to effect hundreds of millions of people, even billions of people, -as these petrochemical pollutants repeatedly wind their way through the food-chain top to bottom, and through the ecological systems in and around the Gulf.

    Life is a lot of fun, kids. It's the best party any of us are ever going to get invited to, that's for sure.

    But there are people -here- who think that it's okay for them to wreck the party up for everyone else, and wreck it for everyone who is coming to the party after all of us leave too.

    Life is such a fine party, you can enjoy it as a Thalidomide child. You can enjoy life if your endocrine system is so messed up from the pollutants these whoring-scientists let loose into the environment, that you don't know which end of your sexual nature is up -or down-.

    You can enjoy life at over 500 pounds too -even if you are 500 lbs. for reasons which have yet to be fully explained, but which are clearly caused by something -one of these scientific jerks let loose in the environment, -because people simply were never before -as big as they are today.

    You can enjoy life -even though- every time you go to the ocean -from Maine to Florida- the smell of it is almost pure human excrement. You can enjoy life even though the "fresh seafood" smells of human excrement too.


  3. Life is still pretty enjoyable, -so enjoyable in fact-, it's still enjoyable despite the fact that a lot of people seem intent on wrecking life -for a lot of other people.

    It's just sickening -what these scientists have done.

    But, folks -in a moral sense- the tables have finally been turned.

    It used to be important you behaved yourself as best as you could, and that you didn't go around killing people every time you got pissed off about something like this.

    That's no longer true -today-.

    Don't trust and leave any remedial task to government. Government is loaded full of a lot of those people who should be stopped too.

    And don't leave the task to the scientists either. Science is loaded full of people who should be shut-down too.

    Think of the favor someone could have done us, had someone shot that schmuck Albert Einstein when he was about 20 and still working at the patent office?

    Think of the favor someone could have done us -had someone shot James D. Watson and Francis Crick? or Alfred Noble?

    The list is very long, indeed, that list of long since deceased scientific and political notables who could have been profitably dispensed with early-on -in their miserably destructive lives that have left so much scientific and political ruin for everyone else to bear.

    Just think of the favor that would have been done if every time someone got themselves elected, or every time they were given a degree of any sort, or every time they were proclaimed some sort of genius...

    Just think of all the favors that could have been be done, if these jerks were stopped -before they got started -ruining the party for everyone else.

    There are people in this world who will tell you -they are smarter than you, and even -better- than you.

    Don't believe it.

    That's one truth you can count on in this infinitely complex reality.

    Put them out of business, -period.

    All of the off-shore oil rigs should be shut down. The rigs are only there because of innumerable scientific-lies and the endlessly incorrigible political-bribery that is destroying our world.

    This is the real deal in the Gulf today.

  4. The oil patch doesn't want cheap, plentifui oil. If they could knock offshore rigs out of production it would make all the other oil deposits much more valuable and allow the oil companies to jack up gas prices.

    This reminds me of the 1969 Santa Monica oil spill, when a rig 50 miles offshore had a blowout, and which ended up fouling 30 miles of SoCal beaches. That was the end of offshore oil drilling in California, despite massive proven reserves.

    If the same thing happens in the Gulf of Mexico, you'll know the fix is in.

  5. It happened on 20 April - Hitler's birthday. A suicidal worker blows himself up.....realistically, it was an accident caused by the usual greed of corperations.