Monday, May 10, 2010

A Great Reason to Reject Kagan for the Supreme Court ~ ADL Approval

I hate to link the Abe Foxman anti-American/anti-Constitution/Israel first/jewish first/diversity-minority manipulator/hate site ...  but perhaps it's important to point out that they wasted no time in supporting the current Solicitor General Elena Kagan as the Obama nominee for the Supreme Court.
ADL Statement on the Nomination of Solicitor General Elena Kagan to the U.S. Supreme Court
When the ADL supports or promotes anyone or anything it should be a call for the American public to step up in opposition.  That just seems like common sense to me.

Unfortunately common sense and honesty and what is best for our country is lacking in those who will 'debate' and vote for her confirmation. The smell of money and power and fear overrides all else.

Most of the rest of the country is in a fog and couldn't care less.

Just as planned.



    "Japanese Freemasons claim their links with Western Freemasons go back to ancient Mesopotamian and Egyptian times but, I have not been able to verify this.

    The earliest verifiable links go back to when the Khazar empire was destroyed by the Mongols and the Russians about 1,000 years ago. At the time their elite class fled with their treasure into Europe and China. The group that fled to China then fled to Japan as Kublai Khan's armies conquered China. That is why the Star of David can be seen in 1,000 year-old shrines in Japan.

    The original Khazars were fully assimilated by the Japanese elite over the ensuing centuries but certain Freemason/Khazar influences became a permanent part of Japanese culture.

    After Admiral Perry arrived and forced the Japanese to open up their economy, the Rothschild's man in Asia, Jardine Matheson, sent an agent to Japan. His name was Thomas Blake Glover and his mission was to create a new arms market by starting a civil war in Japan. The ultimate aim of this war was to prepare Japan for colonization. He managed to sell some battleships and weapons but in the end, Glover's plot was uncovered and he was driven into bankruptcy.

    By this time, learning of the association with their long lost cousins, the Freemasons decided on a different approach. A different Rothschild Freemason agent, Guido H.F. Verbeck, started a very successful Japanese franchise. He is the man in the center of this below photograph."

  2. Part II

    The people around him are the founding fathers of modern Japan and the senior members of the original modern Freemason lodge. They set up the Meiji emperor as their symbol and modernized Japan.

    The Japanese masons were given full assistance by their English and European counterparts and were thus able to defeat the old Khazar nemesis, Imperial Russia, in the Russo-Japanese war.

    In later years, confronted by Western racism, the Japanese Freemasons decided they needed to conquer and modernize all of Asia. Their ultimate aim was to prepare for a final show-down with the West and make Tokyo the capital of a world empire.

    They allied themselves with the Baron Rothschild (known to us as Adolph Hitler) and were badly defeated by the Rockefellers.

    After the war, the victorious Rockefellers arrived in Japan to survey their new possession. Negotiations on the new post-war order took place mainly inside the Japanese Grand Lodge (it is a hidden underground facility next to Tokyo Tower). Every Japanese Prime Minister since the war has been a Freemason. To the Japanese it is common knowledge that their secret rulers are David Rockefeller and his nephew Jay Rockefeller.

    The old Rothschild connection still exists but, since the Rockefellers were victorious in WW2, it is the upstart Rockefellers who exert the greatest control.

    To this day Japan remains a vassal state, making huge annual payments to their new masters. In theory, they can cash in on the $35 trillion in worthless paper (official data put the number at close to $5 trillion, secret data at over $35 trillion) they have been given in exchange for 60 years of supplying Americans with radios, TVs, cars etc.

    In reality, any Japanese Prime Minister who tried to do this was killed or deposed. More recently the Japanese have been threatened into submission with powerful secret weapons. Using former Prime Minister Koizumi and Finance Minister Heizo Takenaka (a Henry Kissinger prot'g') they also engineered a semi-secret take-over of the Japanese commercial banking system.

    For example, Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ bank's new logo is a Masonic eye.

  3. Break out the matzo balls!

    I recently saw who Obama was going to 'appoint' to the emp[ty seats on the Federal Reserve... no surprises there.

    More wars to benefit Wall Street and Israel, as long as our damaged economy hangs on.

    And if you don't like it, we'll use our super computer to tank Wall Street and leave you devasted... but not before we scoot off with whatever money's left.

  4. ADDLE - make unable to think clearly , confuse.
    Also ADDLE has an archaic meaning - rotten [ as of an egg]

    Amazing how they manage to choose such a fitting word for their rotten org.