Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gubernatorial Candidate Zach Wamp Wants Middle Tennessee Economic 'Defense Corridor' of Blood

In Wamp's own words, persistent warfare is the opportunity and the key to middle Tennessee's future job creation and economic development.

Zach Wamp, TN 3rd district Republican congressman, is leaving his DC war enabler post to try and be governor. A big part of his 20/20 vision for the future is to bring the blood money home.
Zach will apply {his} aggressive approach at regional cooperation on a statewide basis including his proposed creation of a manufacturing “Defense Corridor” along I-24 and I-65 from the U.S. Army’s Redstone Arsenal in North Alabama to the U.S. Air Force’s Arnold Center near Tullahoma to Fort Campbell on the Kentucky line.

In this era of geo-political instability, ongoing terrorism and persistent conflict around the world, Zach envisions an opportunity to connect and leverage Tennessee’s regional assets to help create a powerful new economic engine – a Defense Corridor – that will help make our economy even more resilient in tough economic times.

This new Defense Corridor will not only help create thousands of new jobs here in Tennessee but will help protect America’s homeland and support our troops overseas.

Yes sir, that's what we need! Jobs for the war machine! Who cares if it means that to create and keep these jobs the conflicts overseas will have to go on forever and the fear mongering and false flags of  'terror' here at home must continue to be perceived as real. Heck, that idle GM Saturn plant in Spring Hill is just waiting to be retrofit to create some kind of weapons of mass destruction that can be used up just to make more.

And just because hundreds of thousands, maybe millions more, brown skinned people will die and be displaced and who knows how many US soldiers will come home in a box or be physically/psychologically damaged, that's no reason not to cash in. Work is work and these newly created taxpayers will help keep the scam in perpetual motion.

The problem with all this is that Wamp is an absolutely insane neocon shill and death merchant ... totally unfit to hold any public office.

The very idea that killing and destruction is good for the economy is a sick lie.

Len Hart explains in How the War Depresses the U.S. Economy ..... here are some excerpts .....
The cost of Bush's war on Iraq, left to Obama to 'finish' and clean up, passed the one trillion dollar mark some time ago but has yet to support or prove the old lie that 'wars are good for the economy'. Where is the evidence that the $Trillion$ spent murdering and torturing people in a nation that was, in fact, no threat to the United States, has created a single job on the home front? In fact, those $Trillion$ blown up in Iraq are lost forever --not having created a single new job.

Instead, manpower that might have been employed in productive industries was diverted to destructive and false causes. Instead of creating futures, we will be lucky to escape a tragic past!

The fact is, war is parasitic, destructive not of enemies but of the home front economy. Even if the U.S. should win militarily, the war is lost on the home front where it continues to be paid for by the subversive and depressive effect it has had upon productive industries and activities that provide real jobs, viable opportunities, exports!

War is not only a 'racket', as Gen. Smedley Butler so famously declared, it is a parasite!

Only the Military/Industrial complex benefits from war; what is good for the MIC is NOT good for the country. The MIC is a drag on the economy, an economic black hole into which is drained the economic and creative resources of the nation.

America's ruling elite have found nirvana --a war which need never end, a war in which victory is impossible to define and would not be recognized, a war in which victory is, in fact, impossible. A war which achieves precisely what it is intended to achieve: the enrichment of a tiny ruling elite for whom your rights mean absolutely nothing. {read the rest}

Pardon my language but "Fuck Zach Wamp!"

He and his kind need to crawl back in their rabbit holes of blood ... never to be seen or heard from again.


  1. This is my idea of a politician. I am going to try and send a few dollars

    Mary Sparrowdancer's son John Shaw is running for a Florida Senate Seat.

    "Scores of people followed my children up and down the beach in order to watch as John and Emily called the dolphins back again and again. Some of the people filmed this memorable event. It was a day never to be forgotten, a moment of time when a pod of dolphins seemed to be saying without words, "Remember me. Remember us." Of course, we all would.

    At this time, John has no campaign money (I know this to be a fact because I am his campaign treasurer). He is perhaps the only politician campaigning in the entire US at this time without any money, but after long discussions and much laughter, we have concluded that perhaps this is how it should be.

    He is certainly not going to be receiving funding from the multi-billion dollar petroleum industry which usually pads the pockets of Gulf Coast politicians. He will not be receiving funding from the timber industry, because hemp can easily and quickly replace timber. He won't be receiving funds from the cotton industry, because hemp is much better than cotton.

    He's not going to be receiving funding from The Mosaic Company, one of the largest companies in the US, because John already knows that water fluoridation using phosphate fertilizer waste is another archaic and bad idea that needs to be ended. In fact, John won't be receiving funding from any major industry that I can think of because he's not campaigning to provide support for industries.

    He's campaigning to bring about real change the kind of change that no one else has had the guts to truly address."

  2. That's a great story Mick.

    Perhaps the John Shaw's of the world can be our future.

  3. You're really starting to disappoint me, 'Kenny.' Aren't you overlooking the real story here? Can't you find a drop of Jewish blood in Wamp? Doesn't his name look suspicious to you? Short for Wamperstein, perhaps? Aren't you starting to see a pattern? Isn't he just another Mossad agent or pawn of AIPAC or shill for Israel? Aren't ALL our politicians really fighting for the right to keep Jews safe, because that's what their Jewish masters tell them to do? And don't you really want to come after all of us? Expel all the Jews? Come on, 'Kenny'! You're gettin' soft!!


  4. Now that you mention it anonymous he does look a little fishy. You have been beating your head against the wall too much.

    Peasant has done it again Kenny.

  5. I think zios should adopt a new tactic. Start telling the absolute truth and then nobody would believe a word they were saying. It would be a stroke of genius.

  6. Huh, that's weird. On the blog it says "5 comments," but I only see 3 in this window. Oooohhhh! What could it mean?! Have I been banned from seeing others' comments following mine? Or are they banned from seeing my comments? I get that! I wouldn't want anyone seeing that I was an antisemitic redneck, either. Or maybe my comments have driven out of hiding the even more bloodthirsty antisemites, and their comments have been disappeared! Wow, the possibilities are just endless!!

    Grimblebee aka "the Troublemaking Jew"

  7. Grim, you're full of shit. Is that the best you can make up? I'm very disappointed in you too. You're failing in your assignment here. You'll never be promoted to spew on bigger and better sites at this rate.

  8. Kenny there is something going on here. My comments did not show for like a couple of hours. It happens over at the bough from time to time I have to post twice for them to show.

    It is probably one copy going to grim's boys and finally one to the site.