Friday, May 14, 2010

The New World Order Currency Crisis

I heard Phil Valentine, a local radio neocon shill say yesterday that the Greeks were selfish for not going along with the banker imposed measures to 'save their country.' Evoking the JFK message of "what you can do for your country," he and others like him are setting the stage for an austere future where 'we the people' are to be the ones who will not only pay but take the blame for not doing our part. Save the bankers, the politicians, the elite and maybe you will save yourselves will be continuing propaganda ploy.

Just as in Greece, many around the world will not fall for it. It will not be pretty.

US faces same problems as Greece, says Bank of England


  1. "Welcome slaves, to the NWO plantation! We think highly of our chattel and will do the best to keep you in TV, fast food restaurants and low paying jobs.

    Just don't get too uppity or else!The bankster gangsters must be saved at all costs, for where would we be w/o the Fed, the IMF and World Bank, hmmm?"

  2. Where? hmm Smokes would still be 54 cents, a house $10,000, gas 43 cents gallon, comics ten cents, change back from your dollar, and
    shops closed on Sunday, to name only a few.

  3. Actually when homes were around $10,000 gas was 25 cents a gallon.

  4. I'm just going with the lowest price I remember. 1965 43.9 per imperial gallon. My dad paid ten for our house. He also purcased 5 acres for two thousand, and sold it 5 years later for 3 and was well pleased. The word Zionism appeared in my life about 1969 when I overheard my ma proclaim to be one talking to someone out on the porch. Deeply furrowed brow ever since. Traitor-mom.

  5. Greece has hope. Meet Kanellos the Greek dog of war.