Saturday, May 29, 2010

Two Voices

John Fitzgerald
John Fitzgerald ( calls for a new, fully independent 9/11 investigation. Standing on a Lafayette hillside planted with over 5,000 white crosses representing fallen U.S. soldiers in Iraq, John Fitzgerald makes a solemn plea for peace, justice, accountability, and a true independent investigation into 9/11 which is still being used to justify endless war.

Because troubling questions about 9/11 still remain unanswered. Numerous internal contradictions in the 9/11 Commission report remain conflicted. Plus new incontrovertible physical evidence, insider whistleblowers' testimonies, and a stream of damning revelations - such as that Abu Zubaydah is now completely cleared from any role he was alleged to have had in the 9/11 attacks - incisively debunk the official government story.

Enough: John demands the truth. Fitzgerald challenges George Miller to live up to his promise to protect the interests of his constituents and all Americans by calling to declassify all 9/11 government documents and reveal the truth. John is the Democratic challenger to Rep. George Miller in California's 7th district. 
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Adrian Salbuchi 

Adrian Salbuchi warns of the dangers of falling prey to the Psychological Warfare against us.

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