Friday, June 18, 2010

Anti-Muslim Psyops Still Alive and Well in Middle TN ~update ~ Making the ABC World News

A plan to build a mosque and Islamic center in Rutherford County encountered heavy opposition Thursday night.

So many people {nearly 650} turned up for the public hearing at the Rutherford County courthouse that authorities wouldn't let them all in. Upstairs, a stream of residents told the county commissioners they believed a mosque was a threat to public safety.
The mosque and Islamic center would be 52,000 square feet -- a size some said would cause traffic and infrastructure concerns, and others found threatening on its face.

Some speakers questioned whether the center would become a fortress or terrorist training camp. {more}
and ...
"We have a duty to investigate anyone under the banner of Islam," said Allen Jackson, the pastor of World Outreach Church in Murfreesboro.He mentioned American troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

No one spoke on behalf of the mosque during the nearly two-hour public comment portion of the meeting. {more}
and ...
"Will radical ideas and violence be brought to our doorstep?" resident Donald Todd asked. "We would not want white supremacists or Nazis here either."

Fear that Muslims attending the facility would kill neighbors was a theme among some who expressed their opposition. Others put their fears in more stark terms of their duty as Americans and Christians to wage war at home.

"I think everybody realizes we are in a war with somebody," resident Pete Doughty said. "We can't identify all these people at this point, but we're in a war."

Resident Karen Harold warned that Hitler came to power when folks turned a "deaf eye" and feared Muslims might try to kill her for speaking out.

"I'm not against any kind of religions," Harold said. "Hindus, they are not trying to kill us. But everybody knows who is trying to kill us, and it's like we can't say it, and they (are) a scary thing." {more}

Here's the bottom line of the psyops ...
Islam  =  9/11

The lies of the wars of empire continue to perpetuate the 'War on Terror' and the 'Clash of Civilizations.'

Create enemies, demonize them and divide us to distraction.
Use the controlled media to spread the hate and keep the 'official' stories intact.

In all fairness not all the folks in this area are hypocritical brainwashed bumpkins as many of those attending this public meeting were. Unfortunately so many of the rest are complicit by their silence.

The psychological manipulations of the masses are working. The enemy within is making sure that the majority fear the truth. 

But there are growing numbers in the 9/11 truth movement, the anti-war movement and those that expose the crimes of our government and their controllers who will never give up.

The psyops war against the American people will be overcome ... one person who is fed up with the lies at a time.


Update .....

ABC promotes this story to its national World News. They can't let a controversy go to waste, especially when it serves the purpose of division.


  1. Somebody is trying to kill them alright but I doubt it is Muslims. They might try looking in dioxin in soap, fluoride, GMO, chemtrails, benzene, vaccines, hydrogen sulfites, corexit, foreign wars, fractional banking and other items too numerous to mention.

    They had better figure out pretty quick also are they going the way of the dinosaur and dodo bird.

  2. This may get them faster.

    Years of toxic rain for thousands of miles. It is also new oil from deep pocket and is radioactive.

    Methane explosion in gulf could kill millions

    New meteor storm coming. What if one hits the methane in the gulf?

    BP admits capping the well may cause the whole thing to blast open.

    Engineer says if they don't stop using corexit everything will die.

  3. There's plenty of evidence that Israel carried out the 9/11 attacks and no credible evidence that Islamic extremists were involved. The 'war on terror' is a farce.

  4. Our Yid Masters must be jumping for joy.

    Pity the poor chickens who will swing for these lies.

  5. From Sweden.
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  6. Anonymous - I presume you're talking about Lars Vilks when you refer to Muslims killing Swedish artists, but in fact no such killing has ever taken place, so your question is kinda redundant.

    "Help to cure muslim children from islam and send this info to there internet HOME page."

    Help to cure Jews of their psychopathological mindset and refer them to Jews Anonymous for rehabilitation.

  7. Re-defining fed-up..
    Son kills traitor father in Iraq.


    At least know who did you in.

  9. Mick,

    That Youtube video is based on an article by the disinfo merchant Sorcha Faal aka David Booth, reproduced at the EU Times, so I'd fact-check the details before taking him on his word.

  10. Quite frankly corexit is one molecule away from anti freeze and there have been millions of gallons of it dumped and sprayed in the gulf. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know we have a problem. Whether you read this in Doonesbury or national geographic I am assuming you have a frigging brain.

    It is already destroying crops in Mississippi.

    I have a clue for you if Sorcha comes out and says manure stinks, don't go on the web and say it doesn't. Try and use your brain to separate truth from fiction.

    If you think corexit is safe I suggest you have a truth or dare drinking contest with your friends.

  11. Trying to explain the sun comes up in the east to Americans is why we are at where we are at. Lets not try an reinvent the wheel every time someone tries to relay information. Yes I know David Booth is Sorcha Faal most likely. Nevertheless probably 80 percent of the info there is true. People with a brian can sort through it for pebble here and there and discard the spin.

  12. I'm not saying you're a disinfo merchant mate, I'm saying Faal/Booth is. Don't get upset.

  13. Infensus I am a little tense at this point and I don't feel like debating each small miniscule bit of information out there. You don't have to be very very smart at this point to realize what corexit is.

  14. True God ain't a white man with blue eyes and blonde hair you ignorant woman!.It's incredible how stupid these filthy rednecks are!

    The USA was built on the dead bodies of the indeginous Americans!